2019年3月9日托福独立写作范文:The most important problems of our society can be solved during our lifetime

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2019年3月9日托福独立写作范文:The most important problems of our society can be solved during our lifetime



1. 环境问题可以解决

a.多乘坐公共交通 环境污染问题如大气污染可以通过人们多乘坐交通来解决,相反,如果人们不去减少乘坐交通大气污染问题很难被解决。

b.多绿化种树 一些环境问题可以通过多植树来解决,通过光合作用减少温室气体的排放。

2. 生活压力问题可以解决

a.技提高生活效率 人们可以通过科技如手机网络来提高生活效率从而解决一些生活压力问题,而没有这些科技这些问题很难被解决。

b.更多的娱乐设施 现在更多的娱乐设施如健身房KTV等地方可以让人们放松压力,解决生活压力问题


Personally, I do not think that many of the struggles or sufferings of human beings can be solved before I can no longer breathe.Instead, I believe that they will persist or seem to be solved but actually appear repeatedly with adeceptive new packaging yet unchanged nature. Why do I hold such a pessimistic view?

The first reason is based on the history. Many of the problems we are dealing with have long been difficulties since they first bothered us in the past. For example, people can still die young of illness.At this point, the opponents may find counterexamples that experts have been finding curesfor more and more diseases that used to be lethal and are able to effectivelyintervene before the conditions take lives.However, while increasing numbers of patients are cured, even moreunprecedented fatal viruses and pathological changes are also discovered. Theirrefutable fact is that there will always be conditions that can take one’s lifein the one’s prime. Another example is crime. Has it ever stopped?  As a matter of fact, not only does it remain stubborn, it also varies [vary] through time. To name a few specific cases, fraud has always been a problem, and corruption has never been eliminated.

The other major reason is the flaws of humanity. It is fair to believe that many of our deficiencies can never be fixed, and as a result, the most important problems, which are the result of those defects, can never be fixed. If we humans were able to restrain our greed, there would be no more fraud or corruption. If we humans were able to quit our gluttony, there may be reduced incidence of illness. If we humans were able to curb our temper [curb one’s temper], there would be less violence. Unfortunately, none of the conditionals have ever been and could never be real cases, and consequently, few of the many problems that we struggle with could be solved.

Admittedly, it is fair for any optimistic individual tostand opposite me, to rebut my idea and to argue otherwise. They may be seeing a small picture in which a number of specific problems are solved indeed and therefore seeing only the sunlight, however. I believe that I see the greater picture.


As the economy and technology develop at an incredible speed in today’s society, there are an increasing number of people believing that the most important problems affecting our society today could be solved within our lifetime. However, to me, it is not difficult to foretell that the most important problems affecting our society today cannot be solved within our lifetime. My reasons and examples are as follows.(69 words)

First and foremost, poverty cannot be eradicated within our lifetime. Poverty has existed since the beginning of civilization and generations of people have declared war on poverty; however, despite all the effort, many people around the world still have trouble getting access to basic necessities of life--even in the most developed and affluent countries like America, there are still approximately 39.8million people living below the poverty line, let alone the less developed countries like Ethiopia where about 44 percent of the population is chronically or at least periodically food insecure. Worse, because of climate change and economic crisis, more families are suffering and hunger is seen growing worldwide. (108 words)

Besides, wars, big or small, will plague the world for a considerably long time. Let’s first analyze why wars exist. People fight against each other because they harbor different opinions over religion, state boundary, or, because people scramble for dwindling natural resources like oil and clean water. Considering the truth that it is difficult for people of different religions to reconcile, and natural resources are becoming less and less, it is next to impossible to eliminate war. (79 words)

Last but not least, environmental deterioration is a knotty problem that cannot be solved in the next several decades. Even worse, we have reason to believe that environmental degradation is likely to go from bad to worse. As we all know that economic growth in developing countries is so fast that it puts great strain on the global environment. Take China for example. Chinese economy is growing by 9% annually which means that much energy like coal and oil are burned, emitting more and more pollutants. (86 words)

In conclusion, the world is filled with too many prickly problems that deserve our attention. To achieve an affluent, peaceful and desirable life, we still have a bumpy and long road to go.

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