2018年11月17日托福独立写作范文:The most important factors that affect the lasting time of friendship

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2018年11月17日托福独立写作题目:The most important factor that affects the lasting time of friendship.

always help each other

have same interests and views on important things

trust each other completely



1. problems in professional life> 完全相信对方

a. locate careers 朋友在自己需要帮助的时候帮助自己找到满意的工作对友谊的持续很有帮助,而朋友之间的完全信任对找工作并没有帮助

b. promote 人们都愿意与能在工作方面帮助自己晋升的人交朋友,从而友谊更牢固,而完全相信对方并不能对人们工作中的晋升有帮助。

2. problems in personal life > 有共同的爱好

a. pressure 人们喜欢和能够帮助缓解压力的朋友在一起,而有共同爱好并不一定能帮助自己缓解生活中的压力。

b. physical health 能够互相帮助的朋友会当自己生活方式不健康的时候提醒自己去运动,而有共同爱好的朋友通常会一起玩而不是锻炼。


A life-long friendship is sought after by almost everyone in the world, which raises a question: how can we find one? There is no accurate answer to this query since there exist numerous factors contributing to a high-quality and lifetime friendship. One opinion believes that trust is the foundational building block of a friendly relationship, and I get hold of a similar idea. The following paragraphs will further discuss this perspective.

First of all, misunderstandings are usually inevitable, and trust is able to squash all kinds of rumors and bring two friends together as close as they always have been. Gossips may come from thin air but carry the devastating power to drive two people apart. Faith shared between two soulmates will make any rumor seem ridiculous and disappear. For instance, one day in college, I was told by a classmate that the reason why my boyfriend broke up with me was he was seeing my best friend at that time. I didn’t believe a word of it because I supposed she would never do things like that. As a result, we still hang out a lot even many years after graduation, and that rumor has caused nothing unpleasant between us.

Plus, trust makes it possible to reveal your deepest secrets to your friend, so that you can receive comfort and support from the other person to pull through the darkest days. Friendship is often associated with codependency and responsibility. Without trust, doubt on possible betrayal will arise and one may never fully rely on another person. Take my favorite band’s lead singer‘s story as an example. He recently revealed to the press that in his early 20s, he was suffering from grave depression and substance abuse problems. Fortunately, he turned to a friend for help, who was safe for him to let out everything and kept his secrets all the time. Thanks to the singer’s trust, they have been in a close relationship for decades and probably will still be for the rest of their lives. He said he would always appreciate what his friend did for him during that time.

Of course, the other two options also play a vital role in determining the lasting time of a friendship. However, always helping each other sometimes can be impractical because there will sooner or later be situations where you are unable to help. Besides, sharing similar passions do not warrant a complete friendship. People you can hang out with are not necessarily who you can count on. The connotation of friendship lies beyond same interests or views.

In a word, trust is the biggest contributor to a healthy and long-lasting friendship out of these three factors, for it could preempt harm brought by gossips and eliminate all barriers between two souls.


The definitionof true friendship varies so largely among individuals. Some may claim thattrue friendship can only be forged by the complete trust or similar interestsas these features not only render the communication smoothly but also bring alot of happiness which make the friendship last longer. However, according tome, it is best to choose a friend who can support me in whatever circumstances.

The proverb that a friend inneed is a friend indeed is never overemphasized when we make friends. Only inadversity can we know if a person really owns the basic qualities of a truefriend. Since on these occasions, our friend usually need to make an importantdecision from which to what extent they care about us is displayed. If a friendat this crucial moment provides us no help nor even consolation, he cannot becalled a reliable friend which also exerts a bad influence on our latercommunication. There is a great possibility that the friendship will break offsince we don’t want to be hurt any more. In contrary, if they still support us,it can strengthen our relationship.

Admittedly, it isvery important to enjoy the pleasure and happiness of friendship throughsharing the similar topics and interests with our friends. Spending joyfulhours together with a partner would help us get rid of loneliness and cope withpressure. However, happiness cannot ensure that the friendship will lastforever. Once some conflict or test comes, for example, as the mentioned crisisbefalls on one of our friends and they desert us. We will become very upset asour feelings are ignored at this moment which makes us see the past from atotally different perspective. The joyfulness brought by the congenial talksnow turns out to be an irony to this friendship and the friendship will not beeasy to maintain.

There is no denyingthat complete trust plays an important role in making friends. Knowing thatwhatever condition we may be in there is always someone standing in behind ofus really gives a sense of contentment and encouragement. However, if we out ofcuriosity or ignorance or caprice do something that not only hurts ourselvesand causes damage to the society, our friends at this time still trust thedecision we make and encourage us to take action. The irreparable damage causedby the careless decision may urge us to see the complete trust in a differentway and makes us doubt this friendship. So friendship built upon the completetrust cannot last longer either.

All in all, each person may have different view towardfriendship. Though similar interest and complete trust are important, thesefeatures should not be laid too much emphasis. In order to keep the friendshipeverlasting, it is necessary for us to make friends with those who could offerselfless support in time of need.

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