2018年6月23日托福独立写作范文:Some people prefer to play sports within a group, while others prefer to do exercise alone.

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2018年6月23日托福独立写作范文:Some people prefer to play sports within a group, while others prefer to do exercise alone. 



1. 对身体健康好



2. 对精神健康好


b. 聊天:可以和老朋友一起运动,过程中交流感情,互相倾诉,加深友谊,忘记烦恼


Some people prefer to do sports alone while others prefer to participate in a sports team. When faced with the choice of these two, a group of people would support some activities like walking or bicycling, but others, in contrast, believe the latter as the premier choice and that is also my point. As far as I am concerned, among countless factors which influence doing exercises in a group, there are three conspicuous aspects as follows.

To begin with, the main reason for my propensity of joining a group to do sports is that it helps us to cultivate our team spirit. If we take part in a group, we are able to keep our health and lifestyle both fit and balanced, also, a golden opportunity is given to us to get along with other team members. Because it is necessary for people to learn to cooperate with others around them and solve the problems together, so our communication skills will be improved as well as the number of friends sharing the same interests as us will increase.

Besides, the second reason can be seen by every person is that leadership plays an important role in our daily life, which can be strongly enhanced by the process of joining a sports team. As we all know, not everyone is gifted with the talent of leading, but it can be gradually achieved through participating in a team sport. For example, contests can be found everywhere, in order to adapt to various competitions, people need to figure out different ways to sort out the problems. In the duration of debating with others, those who always contribute most ideas will generally develop a sense of honor, which drives them to be responsible for the leadership and ambitious for several possible future challenges that may occur in their life.

Of course, choosing to exercise alone also has advantages to some extent. For that, those who do sports by themselves have more freedom to do whatever they like without limitations, for instance, they can arrange their own schedule without following others’ routines. But if all these factors are contemplated, the advantages of group exercises carry more weight than those of single sports.

From what has been discussed above, we may finally draw the conclusion that team sports give people a greater chance of being successful in life. That kind of sports make us learn to work with others and help us to relax our minds and strengthen our bodies.


As Voltaire’s famous quote says, life lies in motion. There’s no downside to stay physically active, no matter what kind of exercise you gravitate toward, especially with so many people falling short of national exercise guidelines. But do you like to hit the gym, road, or trail by yourself? Or do you thrive in a crowded group fitness class with everyone breathing, moving, and toning in synchronization? As far as I am concerned, working out in groups may give people a little extra boost, no matter it is in the sense of athletic performance or social bonding.

Due to peer pressure, group exercisers tend to put in more efforts in accomplishing the missions and thus the effectiveness of physical exercises is guaranteed. That is to say, with eyes locked on them, they tend to follow the instructions more strictly under supervision. What’s more, in a 2013 research in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, researchers have discovered that pain tolerance increases when people are working out with teammates or with strangers. Increased pain tolerance would boost the athletic performance and thus yield mental benefits, including improving sleep and mood, boosting sex drive, and increasing energy levels and mental alertness.

The power of working out together is by no means only limited to athletic performance enhancement; social bonding is another benefit that cannot be ignored. Surprisingly yet reasonably, social interaction has a positive correlation with group exercises. In one way, group session offers an occasion for people to mingle, building up their bodies as well as interpersonal relationships. In turn, the more contact or social support that people have during exercise — from researchers, health professionals, or other exercise participants — the greater the benefits they draw from physical exercises. Furthermore, researches also show that group-based fitness classes are typically only more effective when they use group dynamics strategies, which include setting group goals, sharing feedback, talking with other people in the class, using friendly competition, and incorporating activities to help people feel like they are part of something, a sense of distinctiveness and inclusiveness.

Although working out alone grants people full flexibility and complete freedom to take charge of the content and the pace, loners might be missing out on some health benefits from group workouts: physical benefits, social bonding, to name just a few. Words fail to describe how rewarding group exercises are, how incredible it feels to have a bunch of comrades supporting and encouraging each other and become better, healthier together.

Working out with others not only keeps you physically robust, but also socially active. In the end, staying physically and socially active is better than being sedentary.

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