2017年12月17日托福独立写作范文:A friend is going to reduce the living expenses

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2017年12月17日托福独立写作范文:A friend is going to reduce the living expenses: 

1. find a roommate that can share the living expenses 

2. buy the new technology products less frequently 

3. shop for less expensive food to cook at home (17.12.17)



1.功能变化少,不需要频繁买新的 > 室友分担生活费



2.不易损坏,不用频繁更换 > 买不贵的食物




If one of my friends determines to reduce the living expenses, I will suggest him or her not to buy new technological products so frequently.

Despite the fact that renting costs us an amount of money each month and eating takes away several dollars from us each meal, modern gadgets, if we buy them frequently and even form the habit of purchasing every new one when it is released, would eventually cost us the largest proportion of our expenditure. As we all known, an increasing number of teenagers or adults love to make themselves trendy and are willing to spend considerable sums of money in this aspect. Technological innovations, in this case, are able to satisfy their fashion-pursuing need. As a matter of fact, new products are usually way much expensive than they should be simply because manufacturers know the mindset of their target consumers — who will not be reluctant to buy the “brand-new” but expensive products. Meanwhile, stopping buying new technology products so frequently would not generate any problems for my friend can still use the old ones or just refrain the desire to use the new products. You see, new does not necessarily mean there are any useful functions are added, but may only mean the latest product looks more gorgeously.

As I have just argued, renting and eating cost not that much and the two proposals aforementioned have their own disadvantages. About finding a roommate to share the living expenses, more often than not, my friend is unable to know everything about him. What if the new roommate does not like cleaning and always wants others to do it? What if he or she is so crazy about partying and always invites a bunch of friends to sing and dance? Or worse, what if the new roommate is a thief or robber? Some may claim if strangers cannot work, how about finding friends or relatives such as cousins to be roommates. As far as I am concerned, if this happens, the time spent with these friends or relatives may be so much that quarrels and other types of conflicts are inevitable. Distance engenders closeness, as an ancient saying goes. Now as for shopping cheap food to cook at home, the result is not well worth our effort. This is because cheaper food usually cannot ensure adequate supply of nutrients to our body. Moreover, some foods may be diseases-inducing. It is true that cheap does not mean low quality, but since food is closely correlated with our health, we certainly cannot take the risk.

According to these reasons, buying the new technology products less frequently is the best way to reduce the living expenses.


Due to high level of consumptions, young people can usually find themselves stuck in financial deficit. In this case, how to cut down living expenses obviously become an important problem. Some say they may change their mobile phone in a much lower frequency while others propose that they are more willing to cook by themselves in order to save money. However, I consider renting an apartment with a roommate can be the best solution. My view point is based on the following reasons and examples.

To begin with, living with a roommate can help us save much more money than cutting down costs in buying new electric devices or cooking at home. The expense of house renting is higher than the money spending on eating stuff or purchasing mobile phone. Take the young working in Shanghai as an example. Renting fees in Shanghai can reach 5,000 RMB to 7000 RMB in average if young people want to live in some convenient districts rather than in some remote areas. If they find a roommate and get the rent shared, he or she can save at least 2,500 RMB per month. When it comes to saving money by stop buying new mobile phone or quitting eating outside, one may only save several hundred RMB one month. So it will be much more effective if one find a roommate to reduce his or her costs on renting than on cellphone or food.

In addition, living with another individual can not only lesson one’s financial pressure in renting fees, but also save money in other aspects. Roommates can share furniture or tools together. For example, when I was just graduate from university, I choose to rent with another girl. When we both moved into our new apartment from our dormitory, the first thing we need to deal with was to buy some necessary items such as cooking pot and sofa, for the house we rent was almost empty—there were only two beds in it. I felt very lucky that I decided to live with another girl rather than living by myself, because I had not to pay all the expenses of buying these equipment myself. Sharing those expenditure with my roommate effectively lessened my financial burden.

Admittedly, living with another person can lead to some problems. Sometimes, we may encounter with roommates who are quite annoying, like he or she may have several friends singing and dancing in her room till midnight, which will disturb us a lot. Different life style can result in a bad relationship between us and our roommates. Nevertheless, this kind of terrible situation can be prevented by carefully collecting information of our roommates before we make the decision of renting a house with him or her. If we deliberately choose the individual who own a similar living habit as ours, most of the unsat isfactory cases can be avoided ahead of time.

To sum up, compared with keeping using old cellphone and cooking by ourselves, living with a roommate is the best solution when young people want to cut down their expenses. Having another people living with us can share renting fees as well as other various kinds of costs. Although it may lead to some inconvenience, we can effectively eliminate these drawbacks by observing and communicating with our potential roommates before we finally pick up the one we are most likely to get along well with.

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