2017/7/2托福独立写作范文:A city wants to help teachers of its high school students improve their teaching. It is considering two plans

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2017年7月2日托福独立写作范文:A city wants to help teachers of its high school students (age14-18) improve their teaching. It is considering two plans:

1. Choose a small group of excellent teachers; these teachers will attend a class led by an expert for additional training in how to teach effectively, and they will then come back to their schools and provide that training for other teachers in school.

2. Provide additional training in teaching effectively for high school teachers, using online material that each teacher will study individually. (17.07.02)










A school is often likened to a cradle where future scientists, doctors, lawyers, and commercial or political leaders are born and raised. Students are newborn babies while teachers are their parents who play decisive roles in their children's academic advancement. It is indisputable, therefore, that teachers need take the initiative to update their knowledge and improve their teaching skills, especially teachers in high school primarily because they are in charge of a bunch of students who are in a crucial stage of their life - adolescence. If the local government is willing to give a hand in terms of training these teachers, I would support the first plan given above.

To start with, training in a group is more effective than studying online material individually. Apparently, when a group of teachers attends a class led by an expert, those teachers cannot just sit there and take notes quietly. Not a few ones would raise their hands from time to time and put forward questions based on their reflection on their own classes and students. Their inquiries, in turn, would spur other silent ones to ponder over those questions, as well as rethink their own teaching. In the end, almost all the attendants would be involved in a heated discussion about how to teach effectively, thereby enabling each teacher to think more deeply and thus comprehending the teaching theories better. This instant feedback from different teachers, however, would not occur when each teacher studies online materials individually. Even if several teachers manage to study a teaching plan at the same time and exchange their ideas via Wechat or WhatsApp, the number of participants cannot be as large as is that of participants in an expert's class.

Opponents of the first choice may argue that as a result of distraction in the training course or misunderstanding, the concepts or pedagogies learnt by excellent teachers would not be the same as are taught by the expert. The direct consequence is that other teachers would not master the original theories if they receive training from those excellent ones. Nevertheless, an important fact is missing in their argument - there are more than one excellent teacher. It is true that one or two excellent teachers may get absent-minded in the class, but it is almost impossible that all those teachers become so. Moreover, some of the teaching theories delivered by the expert may be too complicated for inexperienced teachers to comprehend, in which case it is thus better for excellent teachers, with more experience and sometimes superior intellect, to digest those theories first and then go back to spread them in a more understandable way.

Based on the reasons and arguments listed above, I honestly believe that the first strategy is more practical and beneficial.


Education has become increasingly important during recent decades. It is regarded by 90% countries in the world as the most crucial aspect in their nations’ successful development. So, both national governments and local governments spare no efforts to improve the teaching quality in every school. Some cities propose that in order to achieve this, training to high school teachers must be accentuated since teachers are the essence of good education, providing face-to-face training course and online courses. As far as I am concerned, the best approach to enhance training to high school teachers is to provide every teacher with training course through internet.

The first reason is that when face-to-face course can be only available to a small group of teachers, the information passed on by them to other teachers might be incomplete, or even worse, mistaken. I remember a game conducted by my class last year. The teacher told the student who sat in the last row an English sentence. All the students were asked to repeat the sentence to the student just in front of him. Then the student in the first row needed to write down that sentence on the blackboard. Five group of students joined in this game. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded to write down the correct sentence the teacher said. Similar experiments have also been done by some sociologist and the result is also similar--information passed on by someone else is not always reliable. By the same token, if only a small group of teachers are to be trained and they go back and tell other teachers, there’s high possibility they omit or mistake something, which will eventually lead to the failure of the training project. What’s worse, students may be misled by the wrong methods or incorrect knowledge.

The second reason is that online training course is more convenient. The biggest reason is that when a city needs to arrange the face-to-face training course, it must consider teachers’ available time. This is not an easy thing because the expert as well as every teacher who is going to attend the training course both has work to do and personal business to deal with. Online course is good way to solve this problem. The expert can give a live class online which all teachers can watch on their computer screen or their smart phone screen. For those teachers who cannot attend the live class, watching recorded playback can still guarantee that they can obtain all information given by the experts. Besides, online course allows teachers to learn an important lecture repeatedly. This is also important to help them have a better command of what the experts want to convey. Moreover, the courses can also be pre-recorded. Such pre-recorded online class will not be affected by the experts’ urgent issues and can also be perfect. This is convenient to the expert who is going to give the training course.

Some educational experts claim that face-to-face training course is superior to online course because they allow all teachers have discussion. Actually, online course is capable of this also. Professional on-line course platforms allow learners discuss with the lecturer as well as other course takers. So it is clear that on-line course has competitive edge over traditional training course.

So, to put it into a nutshell, it is wise for a city to give online training course, which is with higher efficiency and greater effectiveness, to every high school teacher if it is aimed to improve its educational quality of high school.(586words)