2017年4月1日托福独立写作范文:You have long been friend with someone. If they do something that you don’t like

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2017年4月1日托福独立写作题目:You have long been friend with someone. If they do something that you don’t like , should you still be friends with him or her?

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Throughout life, from kindergarten to the retirement home, we occasionally meet someone and make friends with him or her, sometimes for life, or at least for a sizable chunk of life. I bet each one must have a couple of childhood friends or close friends in middle schools and colleges, yet as we age, our priorities and responsibilities shift, and the number of friends drops off, especially when we get married. To some extent, some friends gradually become fragile pieces of memory, sliding into oblivion. So, when you have been friends with someone for a long time, I highly recommend continuing your friendship with that person even if he or she does something you do not like.

Opponents of my opinion may argue that we could always forge new relationships after we terminate old ones. Their claim completely ignores the fact that like Rome, relationships, especially long-term friendships, are not built in one day. Only by devoting our energies to those we feel and care will the friendship stand the test of time and stay stable. Let's say your friend Alvin does not answer your phone call or reply to your private direct messages on Twitter. This situation lasts for almost a week. What would you do? Defriend him entirely and cut communication altogether simply because you don't believe he really cares about your relationship? It is true that when Alvin abuses your trust it hurts, but it is certainly worth taking sustained efforts to make your friendship work mainly because he may be undergoing a brain surgery, without calling you to reveal the truth or without any intention to speak to anybody in order to gain some private space for himself. In this case, try not to take his failure to return your calls the wrong way, but try to engage him in a hear-to-heart chat and provide him your support.

Opponents may agree that we are well advised to forgive and forget, but they point out that there are times when the behavior of a friend is too intolerable for us to continue a friendship. For instance, Stephen may hook up with Klaus's girlfriend despite their long-term friendship. As far as I am concerned, this betrayal seldom occurs in real life while pervades in fictions, TV dramas or movies. Moreover, many people may not become as outrageous and vengeful as depicted in those works but may be able to confront such betrayal and work through the residual disagreements afterward.

In summary, it is always worth doing our utmost to continue our friendship with an old friend, regardless of what happens between us.


Friends are those who would like to unconditionally offer us both physical and emotional support. For this reason, friends for years are as precious as jewels in our life that deserve our cherishing. Even though my friends, especially those old ones, may sometimes do something that I dislike, I would definitely continue our friendship without hesitation.

First and foremost, a long-lasting friendship usually based on common interests and values will not and should not be disrupted by trivial things. As a proverb goes in China, people having shared hobbies and values always form a solid circle of friends. That denotes friends staying by my side are congenial with me who enjoy what I am fond of, who focus on what I am dedicated to and who stick to what I persist in. Through years of communicating and interacting, our friendship is successfully built and well-maintained. Hence, it is irrational and unreasonable for temporary conflicts to tear us apart. Speaking of my younger female cousin, the most intimate friend that I have, she is always leaving important things behind when we hang out, the most annoying thing for me that never fail to stir a quarrel. Rather than becoming estranged from her, I gradually regard this habit of hers as a natural thing due to the awareness of the deep love for her deriving from years of being accompanied and mutual support. Besides, from the angle of individual development, being tolerant of our friends contributes to a better adaptability to the modern society with complex interpersonal relationship. To put it more clearly, modern society is a big network of relationships. On most occasions, handling practical problems related to daily work equals to relating with others. Therefore, it should not be surprising that those who are proficient in effective communication manage the skill of how to collaborate well with others. And an objectively treatment and pleased embracing of the things done by our friends which we do not like symbolizes the gaining of the knowledge of how to relate well with others. Again I would like to take myself as an example. By tolerating my younger female cousin’s drawbacks, I, after stepping into the work field, make it to get rid of negative state of mind when it comes to the encounter with carelessness of my colleagues or customers. As a result, they are all willing to cooperate with me when assignment comes.

To put it in a nutshell, it is more favorable for me to maintain the friendship with those who may behave improperly sometimes but join my life for years. (430 words)

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