2017年3月25日托福独立写作范文:Which one of the reason is most important in helping students to study in colleges and universities

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2017年3月25日托福独立写作范文:Which one of the reason is most important in helping students to study in colleges and universities? A. Having access to the university to tutors who can provide individual instruction for the students who have difficulty in study. B. Having the help and encouragement from the family and friends. C. Having excellent teachers in high-school who can help the students before the university. (17.03.25)

天道智思托福培训 教研组写作思路点拨:


1.帮助学生提高成绩> 家人的帮助(没有专业知识和能力)



2.帮助学生更高效地学习 > 高中老师的帮助(与大学没有太大相关)




During the Renaissance, in many European countries, universities were only available to those who were born with silver spoon in their mouth and most of children had to work up to almost 19 hours a day in dingy factories. But now even the children in poverty can get access into universities and all kinds of support and help are aim to help students perform better in their college life. Given the choice, I would prefer the help and support from my families and friends.

We all believe that family members and friends are always in our position and know us better than tutors and high-school teachers. For those high-school students who are preparing for the university, parents give everything they have to provide their children with a better learning condition. Especially in Asian countries, the college entrance exam is a totally stiff competition that needs everyone to struggle through, during which the parents and friends act comprehensively as the tutors, the psychologists, the financial patrons even the servants for their daily life. Even though there is something wrong with those who are too dependent on parents and friends, the encouragement and supports from parents and friends can be adopted to some degree.

In comparison, helping from high-school teachers are not suitable at all. It is undeniable that there are huge difference between high schools and colleges, including learning skills, lifestyle and the way you get along with others. In terms of learning skills, the teacher-oriented schooling is popular in high school class, which means what the students need to do is just to sit in silence, listen carefully to teachers and take the practices in and after class. But this pattern is totally inapplicable in university. The professor leaves large space for class discussion and further team work outside the school, which is actually a better and flexible way for students to get in touch with new knowledge. I don't think a high-school teacher with rooted habit of class domination can bring the directions that meet the need of college education.

Some may claim that tutors are the better choice than parents and high-school teachers because they are professionals. The individual directions and pertinent advices are their specialties. Nevertheless, it is just suitable for kids. As an adult, being independent is the most important characteristic, or they will be at a loss in the occasion that no one helps them. The parents and friends also provide help but the difference is, they just provide help in materials, not directions in decision-making and project-planning. Thus, no matter what your age, independence in personality should not be overwhelmed by utilitarian goals.

All in all, there is nothing wrong with the help of high-school teachers and tutors. For the best possible learning, though, families and friends are the biggest help you can have.


Although almost everyone agrees that attaining academic achievement is fairly significant for students at college or university, there are diverse opinions on how: some argue that direct instruction from private tutors for students to tackle difficulties in schoolwork plays a decisive role, others suggest support from family members or friends is indispensable. I am a strong believer that high-quality education in high school lays a solid foundation for studies at the college or university and is definitely the most important contributor to academic success.

Contrary to popular belief that constant instruction from tutors helps lift students out of their struggle with schoolwork, this kind of assistance would in turn slow down or even inhibit the formation of students' ability to overcome obstacles on their own. Just as an ancient saying goes, "Do not feed one fish; rather, teach him to fish." Worse, students might gradually become overly reliant on those tutors, in which case students would fail to make any attempt to find solutions to problems appearing in their studies and tutors would end up with answering a myriad of trivial questions from students (some of those questions may have nothing to do with studies).

The actual help from tutors would not work effectively, and neither would the support and encouragement from family and friends, in part because this kind of help exists mostly in verbal forms. Let's say Alvin's mother calls him once a week and keeps on lecturing about the benefits of university education for an hour. Will Alvin be spurred by those inspiring words, thus devoting more time and energy to his schoolwork? He will, perhaps, do so in the next day. What about the party he is going to attend two days later? Or the picnic the whole class will have three days later? Will he skip those activities and confine himself in the library just due to recurring sound of his mother’s preaching? Not likely. Let's be honest, even if there is a close friend who can accompany him 24-7, it is very likely that Alvin will slack on his studies from time to time, simply because extrinsic motivation is not strong enough to drive a man forward unless he is intrinsically motivated to move forward.

Where, then, do the internal forces originate, concerning the pursuit of academic achievement at college or university? As far as I am concerned, they derive from the high-quality education in high school. The provision of top-quality teaching resources as well as well-designed textbooks certainly have a sway over these prospective students. A large proportion of them, taught by excellent high school teachers, are able to form a right attitude toward study and even a positive outlook toward his/her future life, especially the college life in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, in regard to students’ study, those high school teachers are stricter than their college counterparts, either in or after class. Eventually, students who were better educated in high school would become more self-disciplined and self-motivated, thereby becoming more promising when they enter college or university.

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