2019年12月7日托福独立写作范文:Movies and television programs should present stories that good people should be rewarded and bad people should be punished

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2019年12月7日托福独立写作范文:Movies and television programs should present stories that good people should be rewarded and bad people should be punished?电视电影中的故事,应该永远是好人好报,恶人恶报吗?

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1 观众从心底里是喜欢这种电影电视节目结局的,接受不了最终英雄被打败,好人被冤枉;

2 电视电影除了娱乐功能,还应该有一定的教育功能,因为电视电影会影响人们的思考,所以必须承担一定的社会责任,不应该给观众太多消极思想,否则会让脆弱的人(尤其青少年)失去信心,会让心存侥幸的人,效仿犯罪。

3 当然,没有意外的结局略显无聊,人们在节目最初就知道结局;但是,可以在节目中间设置出人意料的情景,同样可以起到吸引观众的目的。



For decades, movies and TV programs are play an irreplaceable role in people’s daily entertainment. On the screen, almost all stories have a happy ending, or at least a positive ending, that good people are praised while bad people are penalized. In my opinion, it is necessary for producers of movies and TV programs to abide by this principle.

To begin with, producers and directors ought to give full consideration to preference and taste of audience who naturally expect that good people deserve rewards and bad people deserve punishments. There is no exception that most people wish heroes defeat criminals and enemies, and people with good personalities, like honesty, responsibility, diligence, etc., make their dreams come true, though they believe the process may be full of twists and turns. If the result is negative, then it is not the end. Audience do not accept the defeat of heroes or the unfair penalties of good people as final results. In another word, the movies and TV programs with negative outcomes have no market. This is why there is almost no programs boldly present that criminals or enemies could win. Given the fierce competition, it is unwise to take unreasonable risks.

Second, what producers and directors also have to take into account is the social influence of their movies and TV programs. Movies and TV programs not only can entertain audience, but also can exert certain impact on how people think. Actually, what great producers and directors pursue is exactly the latter function. Therefore, it is irresponsible to convey too much negative thoughts to society. Audience with weak psychological quality, especially immature teenagers and adults suffering depression, may lose confidence on life, if they find their beloved heroes are defeated or good people are penalized. In addition, bad people’s escape of punishments may encourage imitation of similar bad behavior among the public. All crimes should be punished. Then, people with fluke minds will be deterred from committing crimes.

In a nutshell, though movies and TV programs with happy endings to some extent lack surprises, producers and directors had better design unexpected plots in the middle and give audience a positive result. It is necessary for all movies and TV programs to show that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished.




1. 展示此类内容可以给孩子灌输正确的价值观

2. 展示此类内容可以让人们获得乐趣并吸引大量观众

3. 虽然可能会让人产生脱离实际的想法,但是可以通过教育人们电视和现实的差距来解决(让步)


1. 此类内容有脱离实际的嫌疑,所以不利于教育人们正确看待社会现实

2. 此类内容可能会比较单一,模式一致,所以会比较无聊

3. 虽然看此类电视可以让人们获得快感,但是这个快感是转瞬即逝的,人们还是不得不面对现实(让步)

People are attracted by various kinds of TV shows and movies every day. Some people prefer to watch comedies which can make them laugh and forget about the pressure in life; others prefer to indulge in science fictions to enjoy the beautiful imagination displayed in those TV shows and movies. However, when coming to the issue whether movies and TV shows should show that the good man is rewarded and the bad man is punished, people’s ideas vary. Though some people may favor the movies that are more neutral and show the complexities of the society, movies and TV shows, in my view, should definitely show that people get what they deserve.

To begin with, this kind of TV shows and movies could instill a good value to children.It is known to all that people get their values when they are kids and it is hard to change when they get older. Therefore, it would become extremely important for the TV to teach children how to behave, since kids tend to stick to the TV screen 10 hours a day. If TV shows and movies display that people, who steal from others, who treat others rudely, and who make money by cheating, turn out to live a good life without any punishment, it is hard to imagine that children will not follow those behaviors and try to make themselves as successful, which is going to turn the society into a disaster when those children grow up. However, if children find out that all the people who haven’t behaved properly in the movies and TV shows get what they deserve, they would understand that it is not correct to treat others badly or commit crimes even without being told and they would also choose to behave accordingly automatically.

Moreover, TV shows and movies that can make people relax usually attract a large audience. It is common for people to meet frustrations in their life, since it is hard to be completely fair in real life. For example, during a promotion competition about a sales manager, one employee may be a better candidate because of his good communication skills which are essential to this position, while another candidate may believe that she is more capable overall, like knowing all the products and even the mechanism of the products, though communication may not be her strength. If the first person gets promoted instead of the second one, the second candidate may feel it is unfair and the first candidate may become the bad guy who robs her of her position. In this case, she needs to relax herself through watching some TV shows and movies that show that all the bad guys are punished at the end, when she couldn’t actually punish her rival in real life. She could transfer her feeling of unfairness to the characters in the TV shows or movies and obtain fun from watching her rivals being punished to retrieve peace psychologically. Therefore, she can be attracted to this kind of TV shows and movies again and again to get more fun, which apparently is the same with many other people.

Admittedly, some people may argue that watching too many movies or TV shows like this may give people this wrong idea that it is natural for the good people to be rewarded and the bad people to be punished and will act more radically when they find out that the real world may not be like that. However, it is important to teach people that TV shows and movies are not real life, though they are normally based on and reflect real lives. People cannot just believe that the real life will be the same with what have happened in the shows when they have watched many movies and shows like this. They should learn that real life is much more complexed than what is shown on TV and they should only use TV as a way of entertainment, which could help them not only enjoy what the TV shows and movies could provide, but also stay clear-headed in the real world.

To conclude, it is important for TV shows and movies to show that good people are rewarded and bad people are punished.