2019/11/9上午托福独立写作范文:Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie

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2019年11月9日上午托福独立独立写作范文:Nowadays, many filmmakers make movies based on books. Some people prefer to read the original book before they watch the movie, other prefer to watch the movie before reading the book. Which one do you prefer?




Watching movies or reading books has become a popular way of entertainment and relaxation in the contemporary society. Then appears a controversy whether reading books prior watching movies is a better choice than watching movies in advance. From my perspective, watching movies ahead of reading books is a wiser choice, which would be demonstrated by my following reasons and examples.

Firstly, watching movies can lead audiences to gain a broader and more insightful understanding of the book. To specify, most filmmakers would choose to film most appealing and spectacular plots from the book to reveal the important lessons the author attempts to convey. For instance, by watching the movie of Pursuit of Happiness, all audiences would be soon aware of how the lead character chooses to live with his life setbacks, including the failure of marriage and the decline of his business. Then, an overall understanding of the movie would make audiences capable of empathizing with the lead character's sentimental fluctuation and learning the important life lessons, which are primarily purposed at telling all readers that life does not always go as smoothly as we expect and we should harbor a positive and optimistic life attitude to bypass and vanquish those obstacles, expressed by the author in the book. Obviously, watching movies is extricably associated with the better understanding of books, especially those abstruse genres that are filled with various underlying and indiscernible plots.

Secondly, watching movies can aid us to reduce a lot of time on reading books. The more intense social competition becomes, the faster life rhythm tends to be. As a consequence, the time left for chewing over a book is limited. Thus, watching movies can provide us with an efficient alternative to approach those high-quality and intellectually demanding books, especially those complicated literature works composed by ancient authors, so that we won’t spend too much time meditating over how the book is developed and what kind of complicated relationship among those characters built by the author. For instance, Romance of Three Kingdoms is a noteworthily famous book telling a period of history in China during which a number of heroes exerted their talents and left unaccountable classical anecdotes, such as a delicate tactic to fake an attack by sending warships loaded with straw soldiers to obtain arrows, for offsprings. However, the original edition and even the translated version would consume us lots of time that hardly can we afford given daily onerous academic or professional assignments. Also, another Chinese Mythology named the Journey to West is imprinted deeply in almost every child’s mind since there have been many versions of movies and TV programs depicting the legendary and mythical stories of Sun Wukong, a monkey with super power to protect his master during the pilgrimage to India. Watching the movie would only cost us less than hours contrary to understanding books that would at least consume us months. Thus, watching movies or even TV programs becomes an ideal option to decrease the time cost to fully understand the book.

Admittedly, for some people, reading books can offer us a closer access to the author since the original plots won’t be rectified to satisfy audiences’ tastes or interests. For instance, in some movies, the filmmaker will add or change some original stories with a pure purpose of impressing audiences. However, reading books, for most of us, is just to diversify our leisure lifestyle and seldom would we be able or willing to verify the authenticity of the story.

In a word, watching movies ahead of reading books can be a more practical and appropriate way for current citizens either to gain an overall picture of the book or reduce the time consumed on grasping the gist and details in the book. 


It is common that movies are based on books. Sometimes the quick rising to fame of a movie could greatly help increase the readers of the book which the movie is based on and vice versa. Because the close relationship between movies and books, people are perplexed about whether they should read books first or watch movies first when they want to entertain themselves. Some people point out that movies should come before books since movies are usually more attractive and can easily arouse people’s interest in the books. However, from my perspective, it is actually better to read books first before watching the movies.

To begin with, reading books first could help readers to develop their own ideas of the story. Before shooting any movies, directors, actors and actresses are supposed to read the scripts adapted from the novels dozens of times, which helps them to form their own understanding of the stories that they are going to direct or act in. And their understanding could greatly influence how they are going to direct or act in the movies and may drill the understanding of stories into viewers’ mind during movie-watching, which deters them from developing their own ideas and understanding. However, reading the books first can help people access the story first hand and form their own ideas based on their own life experiences and knowledge about the world before being influenced by any “authority”. Just as the saying goes, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. The ideas people have about the stories likely vary from person to person.

Moreover, people could exercise their imagination by reading the books first. Movies are in the form of pictures, which means when people watch the movie, they could see the appearance of the characters and scenes where stories happened directly without any thinking and which cannot help them have a better imagination. On the contrary, when reading the books first, people have to imagine those things in their heads. For example, when they read that the hero was wearing a sweater with stripes and jeans, they will automatically think in their head that what a striped sweater looks like and if it goes well with a pair of jeans; when reading about the part that a girl and her boyfriend were studying in a university with many old gothic buildings, the images of gothic buildings people have seen in the past erected in a nice and beautiful university appear in their heads. All of this practice could help promote people’s imagination.

Last but not least, reading the book could help audience understand the movie. For example, White Night is a very nice book and there’s also a movie based on that book. This book is trying to reflect the twisted relationship between a woman and a man who was almost like a shadow of the woman. There was so much information in the book that movies, limited by the length, could only choose to display some of the stories happened between the woman and the man to try to put the relationship in front of the audience. However, a person who has not read the book first may find the movie as confusing as shortening a person’s whole life to a few hours and he/she may feel the connection between stories is not strong and thus it is hard for him/her to understand the movie. But reading the book first could help provide the background for the movie and give people links they need in order to understand the movie.

Since reading books first can help people develop their own ideas of the movies, exercise their imagination and improve their understanding of the movies, it is definitely a better choice to read books before watching the movies.


Since the invention of movies about one century ago, general publics have shown extraordinary passion and enthusiasm on this way of entertainment. It is very common to find a cinema crowded with audiences coming to watch the newly launched movie starring their idols or telling a story written by a famous author. In my mind, if possible, it is more meaningful for people to read the book on which the movie is produced before going to the theater.

Admittedly, without reading the book in advance, audiences still can fully enjoy the movies. For modern citizens, time is a commonly mentioned excuse: they are too busy to spare enough time to read. As study and work has occupied most of their time, they feel even not enough time to have a rest. Also, thanks to the improvement of movie making techniques and directors’ skills, audiences usually regard watching movies as a better way to enjoy a story. For example, the movie of The Great Gatsby lasts about two hours, starring Leonardo and boasting fantastic party scenes. But, it costs people months to finish reading the book.

However, for great works of famous authors, it is definitely worthy for people to read books before watching movies. To begin with, the reading of the original story enables us to have better understanding of the movie and to assess the movie more objectively. By reading books beforehand, audiences have more information on backgrounds of events and personalities of characters. This allows people to judge whether the director and actors are successful in telling the story. Even, some authors’works are by nature very challenging for directors to film. With huge efforts, the movie is still obscure and abstruse. Without reading the book, it is unfair for audiences disappointed by the movie to criticize the author. Take Here the Wind Sing written by Haruki Murakami as an example. If audiences haven’t read the book before, they can hardly understand those behaviors of Japanese young adults and be bored by insipid trivial matters in the movie.

Secondly, the reading of the book in advance allows audiences to be more critical while watching the movie. It is unavoidable that people may have divergent interpretation of the book. Bearing in mind the story, we are able to examine whether the movie will strike a chord in our heart or enlighten us with different revelation. Especially for die-hard fans, to watch a movie based on a book of their beloved author is just like to have a discussion with the director and actors on the contents or even details. Take the movie Into the White Night based on the book of Higashino Keigo as an example. The author is very successful in depicting criminals’ mental activities and creating conflicts, while the movie emphasizes much on cruel criminal activities to catch eyeballs. By reading the original story, we even can assess whether the actor and actress is successful in shaping characters.

To sum up, although watching movies without reading original books saves people much time, it is actually much more enjoyable to read in advance.