2016年12月17日托福独立写作范文:Children should play and study rather than learn how to do household chores

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2016年12月17日托福独立写作范文:Children should play and study rather than learn how to do household chores, like cooking or cleaning.(16.12.17)

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Currently, it has become a common phenomenon that an increasing number of young adults are blamed for lacking any living skills, which has aroused deep social concern. Therefore, some educators and parents propose that high school students should do some house chores after school. As far as I am concerned, the above proposal is acceptable.

Firstly, making housework mandatory for children can help them pick up practical skills and develop valuable traits. As we all know, in the course of completing various house chores, essential living skills and certain qualities will be required. So with these abilities and virtues, high schoolers will be more capable of take good care of themselves in thei r future life. To be specific, while making real contributions to running the household, they’re actively learning how to cook, launder, clean, make repairs, maintain a vehicle, budget expenses, and other tasks which are essential for living an independent life once they’re adults. The experience of freshmen in college in China is a good case in point. Due to overemphasis of parents on the academic performance, high school students are required to devote most of their time and energy in learning compulsory subjects such as English, math and physics. The consequence is that most of college students have great difficulty in adapting to the campus life because they have to do everything in person, most of which are usually done by their parents.

Secondly, requiring kids to do house chores will relieve parents stress. As is common sense, under such a society full of competition, parents, the breadwinner of the whole family, have to spend most of their time on their work in order to support the whole family, which makes them under heavy pressure. Undoubtedly, cleaning the floor, doing laundry and cooking consume lots of energy and time of already exhausted parents, with the result that they will suffer from more physical and psychological fatigue. However, if children become proficient at the jobs necessary to sustain their families, the burden of the parents will be alleviated a lot, which is definitely conducive to the health of parents.

Factoring what has been discussed above, it is safe to conclude that students should be required to do housework in order to improve their own practical skills and lessen the pressure of their parents.


Many parents regard housework as trifling and hence allow their offspring to take a pass. In their minds, to have a happy and meaningful childhood, children should only play and study. However, they have ignored that children can do meaningful work, and their labors can contribute both to the well-being of the family to which they belong and their own growth.

Admittedly, children are more inclined to play rather than to do household chores, while parents are more willing to have their children study than do any other activities. Of course, it is enjoyable for children to watch cartoon movies and play games with peers, and beneficial for them to read a book. On the contrary, housework imposed on children by parents may easily arouse their complaints and even conflicts. What children at rebellious age hate most is being forced to take orders.

However, housework is an inevitable and integral part of life, regardless one’s gender, and parents ought to train their children since young, so as to prepare them for adult lives. When children reach the age of 18, they usually leave parents’ house to get enrolled in universities or take a job. At this time, they need basic skills of doing housework, so as to take good care of them without parents. Otherwise, failing to manage household chores, children will either live in a messy room or eat junk food all the year round. Those necessary skills are not acquired in a day but require children to practice since young. For instance, it is highly necessary for every teenager who is going to study abroad to learn cooking, as cooking skills can help them not only keep healthy, but also kill nostalgia.

Moreover, in today's busy families, there's no excuse for anybody to shirktheir portion of the necessary work, including children. Working parents need helpers at home. More often than not, parents feel exhausted after whole day work and the piling up dirty dishes in the sink may be thelast straw to make them collapse. At this moment, it is highly possible for parents in anger and frustration to announce a new regime of household chores which might be ignored after a couple of days. However, these short lived orders do little good to children but arouse their resentment or even revolt. To avoid such situation, parents need strong determination to train children to do housework since young and make them resume doing housework as their duty.

To sum up, children sharing housework is beneficial for both children’s growth and family life.


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