2016/11/13托福独立写作:People can solve important problems by themselves or with the help from their family

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2016年11月13日托福独立写作范文:People can solve important problems by themselves or with the help from their family ; so the help from government is not necessary.











One of the most important services of modern government is to aggregate funds for common needs and public good. When citizens encounter troubles that are beyond their capabilities to solve, they have to depend on the government.

Admittedly, modern citizens are capable of dealing with most of the severe problems in daily life. From serious conflicts between family members to desponding unemployment, people all have to rely on themselves. Through effective communication, people dispel misunderstanding, either making peace or breaking up peacefully. With constant efforts of equipping themselves with more knowledge and skills through vocational training and job recommendations from friends and family, it is not difficult for the jobless to find a new job.

However, there are also numerous problems that can only be tackled by the government. To begin with, facing the ever-worsening environment pollution, individuals need the government to make policies to restrict behaviors of both individuals and manufactories to avoid producing pollution, as well as take measures to dissolve pollutants. In contrast, citizens, though leading an environment friendly lifestyle, can hardly reverse the tide, as they either have no relevant knowledge and information or have no power to regulate companies and factories. For example, to alleviate air pollution in Beijing, the government has arranged experts to predict the upcoming serious polluting days, and force nearby manufactories and construction projects to stop working.

Secondly, public health is another important problem that can only be resolved by the government. Almost every government promises to its citizens to reduce burdens on medical treatments, by having the medical care covering more people and types of diseases and medicines. Without the medical care constantly improved by the government, medical treatments will be unaffordable to many citizens. Moreover, it is the government that supports the research and development of medical treatments for some rare diseases that are unprofitable for pharmaceutical companies. For example, before the large-scale explosion of Ebola in Africa a few years ago, there was no vaccine for this sprawling detrimental virus in poor countries, though it had been discovered for decades. When it began to endanger the whole world, other countries’ government invented vaccines within months.

In a nutshell, it is true that modern citizens are more capable of solving many problems than before. But, there are still numerous troubles that people have to rely on the government to cope with.


Taking a panoramic picture of the entire human history, what role should government play has caused incessant debates among scholars, politicians, and even common people on the streets. Some argue that we should get rid of any form of government and spare the government red tape, thus stop bureaucrats from wasting our hard earned tax dollar, while others believe that government can maintain stability of the community, provide social welfare and prevent unlawful conducts by leveraging the judicial branch. I, personally, am in favor of the latter view, meaning that citizens do need help from the government based on the following reasons.

First off, government has the means to leverage billions of dollars and invest in infrastructures, education, and social welfare, which is beyond the power of any individuals or institutions. Think about it, the transportation that we rely on commuting from home to work, like the subway, bus, and trains need multi millions dollar to construct and maintain. The train runs through lots of states and provinces, the highway covers a large expanse encompassing different regions, and a few individuals cannot make a good decision, and it should be only possible by overall decision made by the central government. An individual or family cannot balance the interests of all the people involved. Plus, education is also another important area, in which government should play its role. Generally, the tuition of private schools are far more costly the that of the public ones, and if there are only private school, how could the kids from these underprivileged families get proper educations. So, it is obvious that we rely on government in these aspects.

Additionally, people depend on government to resist foreign invasions and provide shelter in face of catastrophic natural disasters. For example, currently, Muslim extremists organization ISIS waged a few terrorist attack in major cities around the world, which incurred numerous casualties and colossal economics loss. A few countries have decided to deploy military to fight ISIS, and such costly project cannot be made possible by just a few individual, in fact, it takes officers, intelligence personnel and staff members to work together to win the war, which cannot be gathered together without the government. The same is true for natural disasters. For example, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake hit Nepal in the first half of this years, thousands of people were left homeless since the quake destroyed basically all the housing complex and apartments. It was the government and other institutions who provide temporary camp, medication and food to these victims who were traumatized both physically and mentally. Also, these timely assistance and monetary donation would not be possible without the arrangements made by the government.

All in all, with the above careful analysis, government is indispensable for the livelihood and well-being of the people since it can provide infrastructure, education and social welfare to the people, and protect citizens when emergencies happen, like wars and natural disasters. Indeed, people do need government in lots of aspects.


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