2016/9/25托福独立写作范文:The university will spend money on dormitory to improve the life quality of students

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2016年9月25日托福独立写作范文:The university will spend money on dormitory to improve the life quality of students, which of the following do you think is the best way?

providing a room for quiet study;

building an exercise room;

providing entertainment place(watch film)

天道智思托福培训 组托福独立写作解题思路解析:


1.对健康好 > 学习角



2.对友谊好 > 娱乐角




It is a misconception that college students can be soaked in the pleasure of living a campus life and thus barely pay attention to the quality of their dormitories. In fact, it is exactly because their dorm life is cheerful that they have a good time on campus. If a university has some money to spend on providing a better dorm life for the students, it is advisable that the university use the money to build a room for quiet study.

This room is certainly more desirable than a room for physical exercise or a room for leisure. Here comes the first reason. There must be a sport center where students can go to for physical exercise. As a matter of fact, it may be a quite large complex that includes a gym and an indoor multi-functional sport court and probably a number of other features. If a student wants to sweat, the sport center is where to go. At this point, it is fair for some to point out that the library likewise serves a need that the dorm does not need to serve and that students may visit the library if they want to study. However, does a student need to exercise through the night? A student who is desperate to burn some calories can do the night run outside. Can a student who is eager to study go outside and read under the street lamp?Also, quietness is certainly unnecessary when a student do fitness training, and it is required but cannot be guaranteed for another student who tries to read when the dorm mates lift weights or run on a machine and make noises in a nearby room (we cannot assume that the dorm building has space for the gym to be far enough from dorm rooms or that the room is absolutely sound-proof).

Likewise, the recreational room, for movie-viewing as an example, has the same problem of noise. While there is no need to repeat the noise problem,it is necessary to point out that I am not asking students to go out for a movie during the late night. It certainly is not as safe as staying in the dormitory, not to mention that a proper campus has a hall that can be used for movie-viewing. In fact, students can always use their computers to watch a film rather than visit a cinema. For shared pleasure, a couple of them or a group of them can squeeze in one room. Isn’t it cozy in cold weather?Also, isn’t it nice that some other students read in the room built and designated for quiet study while they have fun—they may watch films, play pool or sing karaoke—andhowl with hearty laughter?

At this point, I think we can safely expect the money to be spent on providing a quiet room for the purpose of study.


With the masses increase in affluence and awareness, college students tends to be spoiled with all kinds of well-equipped dorms. Private Jacuzzi, big screen TV set and even tanning salon are not rare on some college dorms. When it comes to the question of what the school should build in the dorm, I personally would say it is in the students' best interest to build an entertainment room for the following reasons.

Admittedly, a quiet study room can provide a place for students to focus on their academic assignments and an exercising room affords them the opportunities to keep fit and stay in good shape, nonetheless, these facilities are redundant since an above-average university has at least one decent library and a recreation center for students and faculty members. Thus, it is not necessary to include such facilities in the campus dorms, and there are obvious benefits to build an entertainment room with home theater sets and video game consoles.

First off, an entertainment room provides students a chance to get away from busy life and study and switch off. As is known to all, college life can be overwhelming, students are constantly under lots of academic pressure, like presentations, group projects, final exams, so on and so forth. Barely do they have chance to release their pressure, fortunately with an entertainment room, they can watch movies or play video games together. As the saying goes, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Indeed, recent research on the correlation between leisure time and students' academic performance conducted by National Association of Psychiatrists shows that a student with certain amount of time spent in doing entertainment activities are observed to have higher grade than those who don't. Consequently, entertainment room helps to improve students' academic performance.

Additionally, an entertainment room provides a chance for students to catch up with their peers and bond more with one another. When playing video games or watching movies together, not only can students escape from their busy schedule, but also they can get a chance to talk to other students who also live in the same dorm building. Students who happen to live in the same dorm might have totally different majors and areas of concentration, so connecting with each other can help students to gain more exposure in other fields. Plus, students can use their moments in the entertainment room to get to know others who are from different regions of the country or even from other part of the globe, by interacting with people who are from distinctive culture backgrounds students can broaden their horizons and have unique perspective on different things. Without an entertainment, students living on the same floor might be strangers for four years, which can be a nightmare.

In conclusion, it is more advisable for the university to build an entertainment room since it provides students a chance to switch off, and also students can catch up with their peers and bond more with one another.


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