2016/9/3托福独立写作范文:What is the most useful action for people to help environment in their local communities?

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2016年9月3日托福独立写作范文:What is the most useful action for people to help environment in their local communities?

1). Plant trees and create parks

2). Persuade local shops to stop providing plastic bags for consumers

3). Increase access to public transportation (such as buses and trains), and reduce the automobiles on roads. (16.09.03)



1.促进能源开发> 说服超市不提供塑料袋



2.减少污染 > 种树




As residents of a neighborhood, we enjoy the convenient and comfortable life it provides with us while endure its demerits, such as noise, busy lanes and dull colors all year round. There are different proposals in people’s minds to improve the community environment. Facing options of increasing greenery, stopping offering plastic bags and providing easy access to public transportation, I believe the last one is more beneficial.

With more convenient access to public transportation, local residents will surely drive less, which alleviates busy traffic and reduces vehicle exhaust emission. Currently, almost all residents who need to go to school or office have to drive. It happens frequently that during rush hours, many private cars impatiently lining along the neighborhood exit release much unhealthy gas. The lack of access to buses or subways leaves no choice for people who actually are tired of driving and want to save transportation costs. So, it is necessary to arrange several buses running between the neighborhood and local subway stations. With fewer residents driving around the neighborhood, both the traffic and air will be improved greatly.

However, neither planting trees and building parks nor stopping providing plastic bags is good choice. In fact, there is limited space for the construction of a park near the neighborhood. Many parents and children even complain the small playground is not spacious enoughfor them to do sports and play games. For more trees and flowers, people can visit the botanic gardens boasting various plant species. In addition, the stop of providing plastic bags is not economical or environment friendly. It has to be noted that people also use the plastic bags offered by local shops to line trash bins and pick up after their dogs. Without free plastic bags from shops, people need to purchase for these other purposes. But, what about if pet owners do not buy a pooper-scooper for their dog? The neighborhood may smells like a giant dog toilet.

To sum up, a better option to improve neighborhood environment is to provide more access to public transportation, so as to encourage more people give up driving.


With the sense of community becoming muchstronger, how to protect the environment of localcommunities has never failed to attract the attentionof the general public. Therefore, when it comes towhich is the most feasible measure to helpenvironment, among planting trees and buildingparks, encouraging local shops to stop using plasticbags, and improving public transportation, people's notions may vary from one to another. Towards such a long-running tug-of-war, I am inclined to claim that the first option is thebest.

Firstly, growing trees and constructing parks can definitely help to ameliorate theenvironment. For one thing, more trees will contribute to the improvement of the airquality of the whole neighborhood. As is common sense, the prosperous industrialdevelopment has produced large amounts of waste gas, with the result that the haze andsmoggy weather shroud quite frequently the major cities in our country. The current aircondition necessitates the planting of trees, which can purify the contaminated air to a largeextent. In other words, trees, the lung of the earth, play a vital role in absorbing someharmful gas and producing more fresh air through photosynthesis. For another, the publicparks can be helpful to increase the biodiversity of the local community. Accompanying therapid urbanization, an increasing number of natural lands have been utilized for constructingfactories, shopping mall and skyscrapers, which greatly diminishes the natural habitats ofanimals, such as birds and squirrels. In this case, parks become the only place which can serveas habitats for those animals. Accordingly, the species of animals living here can become morediverse.

In addition, there are certain limitations for the other two options. Admittedly, reducing theuse of plastic bags and making public transportation more accessible may also beconducive to the environmental protection in some degrees. To illustrate, if the plasticbags are prohibited, the so-called white pollution will be relieved. Also, easier access topublic transportation means less use of private cars, which leads to the reduction of carexhaust. However, in comparison to planting trees and building parks, the above twomeasures enjoy less popularity among the residents of the community and thus are unlikelyto be implemented. The underlying reason is that growing trees and constructing parks cancreate a more comfortable living environment while the other two choices can bring aboutmore inconvenience. To be more specific, if shops stop the use of plastic shopping bags, thecustomers have to take a cloth bag while shopping. Also, taking public transportation will takelonger time than driving the private cars, which means that commuters have to get up muchearlier than before. It is self-evident that whether a policy can be carried out directlydetermines its effect, which is especially true of the above situation.

Taking what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that the most effectiveway of protecting environment in local communities is to plant trees and create parks.


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