2016/8/20托福独立写作范文:Spending a long time in making an important decision is often considered as a bad quality

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2016年8月20日托福独立写作范文:Spending a long time in making an important decision is often considered as a bad quality. However, some people think that it is a good quality for a person. (16.08.20)







a.同事喜欢: 同事会喜欢快速做决策的人,因为这样的人比较果断,也比较容易相处和合作



An efficient leader is a key factor for the successful development of an enterprise and how to define an effective leader varies from person to person. Some people may believe a leader must make a quick decision to be successful since opportunity seldom knocks twice. However, some others contradict with the statement and they argue that leaders, especially those in the area of politics and business, have to be patient enough to be considerate. From my perspective , I am more favor of the former one.

When it comes to the area of business, leaders have to acclimatize themselves to the constantly changing environment and respond soon enough to grasp the chance. A number of examples can be found around us to demonstrate the exceptional urgency of making quick decision. Mark Zuckerberg made a quick decision to acquire Instagram, which turned out to be bold but successful, given Twitter, one of Facebook’s strongest competitors, had already considered to merge Ins. Besides, the landslide of Apple over Nokia, one of the giants in the phones’ market can prove the importance of responding quick for leaders. Those leaders of conventional ideas in Nokia stuck to manufacturing keyboard phones and still refused to center on developing and researching Touch-screen technology, which has proven to be a big mistake. As a result, Nokia had to declare bankruptcy. When reflecting on the failure of Nokia and success of Apple, the key is to make a quick decision to reform products to satisfy consumers’ tastes and demands.

Speaking of national leaders, making a swift and effective decision will be highly indispensable to deal with various emergencies. To prevent the exacerbation of some events, politicians have to take quick and credible actions. For instance, the outburst of Ebola virus has caused serious damage to human beings and as a leader of a country, he has to make an instantaneous decision to assemble medical experts and restrict the migration movement of population. Another convincing example would be the military action aiming at ISIS, a self-proclaimed country but a terror organization. The president of the United States called on Britain and several other Western countries to launch a joint military strike to crack down those terrorists after many innocent civilians including journalists, local residents or tourists from different country were killed by those extremists. Although the terror group was not wiped out yet, the immediate action had played a major role in reducing threats from those. Obviously, for politicians and national leaders, it is necessary to take quick action.

Admittedly, there is also an opposite voice echoing that leaders have to be patient to reduce the possibilities of causing missteps. For instance, during World War Two, to win the success, Franklin Roosevelt gave the order to hit Japan by dropping atomic bombs soon after the Pearl Harbor was attacked. The explosion of those two atomic bombs led Japan to surrender, however, caused huge damage to local environment. It appears plausible, however, the consequences of not using atomic bombs would be more disastrous because of Japan militarism’s great harm to the entire human beings.

To conclude, leaders have to make a response and decision as quick as possible in most occasions no matter which field they are in.


With the society becoming increasingly complex, we make numerous decisions every single day, some of which are simple while others of which are more complex. The issue whether Spending a long time in making an important decision is often considered as a good quality has triggered a hot debate. Personally speaking, my answer towards this question is negative, that is, making quick decision is good, for the following reasons.

First of all, making quick decisions can help people grasp the precious opportunities.As is known to all, change is the permanent topic in nearly every area of life including day-to-day life and business world. In other words, the opportunities may vanish in the blink of an eye. As a result, people who spend much time pondering different paths for the fear of making errors may end up missing out the chances. On the contrary, quick decision making will boost the likelihood of seizing the opportunities, which makes his or her have an edge over other competitors. This is especially true of the business competition. In the commercial world, To illustrate, a decisive leader will not block subordinates from getting things done and thus . For example, if an entrepreneur find changes in the needs of customers, there is a need of quick decisions to satisfy their new demand. Without quick response to the appeals of the clients, competitors around the same business may take the initiative to make headway in these emerging markets.

Apart from that, making quick decicions reflects the strong ability of analysis of a person. As is common sense, analytical skills is a basis for quick decision making. As you can see, an analytical skill is the ability of a person to draw conclusions and to make quality decisions based on incomplete information. Put it in another way, the characteristic of analytical people is to address all of the critical elements needed for a successful outcome more quickly than average persons can do. Consequently, these decisive people will leave a good impression on others and thus improve their charisma. By contrast, spending too much time in making decisions means that you can only make up your mind after collecting all the information. This practice may make others feel that you are hesitant in doing things.

Admittedly, some opponents may assert that it is a good quality to spend a long time in decision-making, because the quality of the decision certainly depends on the speed of making it. However, the above claim has overlooked a fact that no matter how much time you spend making a decision, there is always a chance that it won’t turn out the way you had envisioned. In this case, the quick decision making can help you more timely fix the wrong decisions.

In a nutshell, spending long time in decision making is anything but a good quality, because people will let opportunities slip off and leave a indecisive impression on others.

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