2015/12/20托福独立写作范文:Which aspect would you like to choose to change in your life to improve your health

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2015/12/20托福独立写作范文:Which aspect would you like to choose to change in your life to improve your health

1. kinds of food to eat

2. the amount of exercise

3. the amount of stress 




1.利于身体健康 > 饮食管理



2.利于心理健康 > 压力管理





Currently, with the improving awareness of health among the general public, how to maintain good health, the solid foundation of work and study, has never failed to attract the widespread attention. Thus, there arises a heated debate over which aspect people should regulate for the sake of staying in shape, among kinds of food, the amount of workouts, or the level of pressure. As for me, the best choice is to do more exercise, for the following reasons.

Initially, the first health benefits of increasing the amount of workouts is to enjoy a better physical well-being. It is widely acknowledged that the more frequently you do sports, the higher the likelihood that you will keep fit is. Consistent with the above reasoning is the survey conducted by National Health Center. According to the survey, people who jog the park, play basketball, or exercise in gym every day are more immune to various diseases including obesity, diabetes, and heart attack. This is because while doing exercise, people will burn some extra calories and fatness as well as improve the cardiovascular system, thus becoming less susceptible to illnesses. This logic is especially true in such a fast-paced life, where an increasing number of people, whether students or white collars, gradually lead a sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, increasing the amount of workout can be conducive to one’s mental health. As we all know, accompanying the overwhelming stress from overscheduled study or work are a series of mental problems, such as depression and anxiety disorder. In this case, doing more exercise can serve as a good way to ease their pressure and release destructive emotions, with sorrow, frustration and even rage included. To be more specific, while playing basketball with a bunch of friends in the playground, you can just focus on shooting the balls or defending, with the result that the troubles from academic study will be temporarily forgotten. Also, just imagine that you are doing yoga in a quiet room, which gives you a peaceful mind. Only by doing more workouts can you enjoy a better health in psychology.

In a nutshell, although a balanced diet and less stress can help you maintain physical and mental health respectively, all we discussed above shows that increasing the amount of health can actually achieve the two purposes, a strong body and a sound mind. [By Zhaobo, 390words]


The current society has witnessed the development of medical technology and equipment, however also the decrease of people's awareness of daily health. And the question which way is the best health-keeping method is still open to debate. For me, a college student not only under great academic pressure but also having much knowledge of the fierce competition in our society, I'm more willing to change my amount of stress to keep myself mentally healthy, rather than merely caring about the kind of food I eat or the amount of exercise I do. My reasons are as follows.

On the one hand, changing the amount of stress I face is more basic and fundamental in improving my overall health, because under less pressure I'll definitely get more motivated to also make differences in the other two aspects. Just by imagining myself deeply absorbed in all kinds of stress, like the fear of failures, jokes, rumors and other terrible things, I guess I'll definitely be in no good mood for any delicious food or interesting exercise. On the contrary, by decreasing my level of stress and keeping positive looks on life, I'll get more relaxed to consider proper kinds of food and sports to further keep myself physically healthy.

On the other hand, since the number of people dying or getting injured due to mental issues instead of just physical ones is steadily on the increase, I do believe that getting less stress is more urgent and thus important for me than the other two choices. Several scientific researches carried out by professionals have taught us the lesson that people under greater pressure are more likely to put great burden on their hearts and minds, and even accumulate irreversible hurt on these organs. In the short term, this could enhance their risks of getting struck by acute diseases; in the long run, their longevity also shows shrinking trends than other individuals with similar physical index. Even if we could precisely control the exact kinds of food and the proper amount of exercise, all these could only grant some physical stability, while it's actually keeping mental balance and timely getting rid of pressure that account for our strength in dealing with spiritual issues.

In conclusion, I'll choose to care more about stress than food or exercise for my healthy purpose.


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