2015/12/13托福独立写作范文:Some people think that older children should be required to take care of the younger children.

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2015年12月13日托福独立写作范文:Some people think that older children should be required to take care of the younger children. Others think that this should be done by parents or other adults. Which do you prefer? 










More and more families choose to have more than one child and with the burden of supporting families growing heavier, parents are forced to spend longer hours and more energy on their jobs, rather than their children. In this case, some people prefer to ask their older children to share some responsibilities of taking care of their younger siblings, believing that this can benefit both. However, from my perspective, parents actually should shoulder the responsibility of tending their younger children themselves.

First of all, it can ensure that younger children could get the nutrition they need.Asking older children to feed their younger brothers or sisters may not get the intended result, since older children may only want to please their younger siblings by providing all kinds of junk food and snacks which usually fit the palate of younger kids. Though younger children could get some fun, this behavior could prevent them from taking in precious nutrition which is critical for their growth. On the contrary, parents know what is the best for their kids based on their experience and would offer vegetable and fruit, containing vitamins and minerals, even though their younger kids may try to refuse it.

Moreover, safety of the younger ones can be secured. Though older kids have some life experience, they are not old enough to know all the potential dangers in their life. For example, they may not know it is risky to touch the outlets in the wall or to play with the stove. Therefore, older kids may play with those dangerous things with their younger brothers or sisters out of curiosity, which may expose the younger kids in the danger of getting a shock or getting burned. In contrast, parents have lived long enough to understand the potential dangers in their home and could surely stop the kids in time when they want to touch something risky.

Furthermore, it is better for younger kids to learn some knowledge. Older kids may not know a lot of knowledge themselves, since they have only received limited schooling, so it is difficult for them to teach younger kids. Even though they have learned some knowledge, they don’t really know what to teach to suit their younger brothers or sisters’ age. Consequently, most of them will choose to play with younger kids instead. However, it is necessary for younger kids to learn something very simple, such as basic counting, pronunciation, names of simple stuff, etc., to help them develop their brain. Missing this period may create problems for their future study and parents are the best people to play this role, since they are often educated enough to fulfill this responsibility.

Since parents can provide more nutrients, more safety and more knowledge, they are the best choice to take care of younger kids instead of older children.


Some people think that older childrenshould be required to take care of the youngerchildren. Others think that this should be doneby parents or other adults. Which do youprefer?

Forty years ago in China, due to the poorconditions, while parents were too busy to care aboutthe family, older children needed to do a lot things, including taking care of their younger siblings. Quite differently, nowadays, since the livingconditions become much better, the older children are reluctant to do this anymore. Consequently, however, they lose a chance to get such experience, which will help them a lot. Hence, from my perspective, older brothers should take the responsibility to attend to theyounger children.

Admittedly, some people would consider it as parents’ responsibility to take care of children. In their mind, children would be mature enough to handle various emergency, such as healthproblems, financial issues. Parents have gone through various challenges, so they are capableof helping children in curing the diseases by looking for the best doctors or collecting money tocrack their financial burdens. However, on balance, parents in modern society would be toobusy to spare time to take care of their children. It is not rare to see parents work overtimeduring weekdays; when they come home, their children have already fallen asleep, leavingthem mere time to communicate, let alone giving care. In this way, asking older children totake care of younger children would be a better choice.

To begin with, older children would be capable of dealing with younger children’sproblems both from school and life. That is to say , siblings are willing to share their thingswith each. For example, when Jason is at his 10th grade in junior high school, he suffered fromproblems in his maths classes. He could not understand what the professor explains in class, which makes him fail nearly all the quizzes through the semester. After he tells his brother, Alex, Alex helps him review the maths homework every evening and explain the point that haspuzzled him over and over till he could fully understand. Alex even look up for some tutorialmaterials where Jason could use to strengthen the impression about his homework. As aresult, thanks to his brother, Jason could catch up with other classmates in maths and even geta B plus in his final.

In addition, this can reinforce the relationship between siblings. As is known to all, manyfamilies are confronted with a problem that children are not in harmony with each other. Forexample, a classmate of mine in high school always fought with his brother often due to sometiny issues. This phenomenon results from the fact that present children are more selfish thanbefore. They are reluctant to share. Nevertheless, suppose the older children offer to take careof their younger brothers, the younger one will in turn, be grateful for that. Therefore, therelationship between sibling can be strengthened.

In sum, taking all advantages into consideration, older children are supposed to helpparents look after the younger one. By doing so, not only parents, but also the kids will enjoythe benefits arising from it.


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