2015/10/31托福独立写作范文:Which one is the most important for teacher of high school

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2015年10月31日托福独立写作范文:Which one is the most important for teacher of high school:

1 The ability to help students plan for their future;

2 The ability to find the students who need help most and help them;

3 Teach students how to learn outside the classroom.



1.对学生学习好 > 帮学生制定未来计划



2.对学生个人发展好 > 发现需要帮助的学生




As people have begun to regard high school education as a crucial part of individual career life, the core capabilities and role of high school teachers should rise to a hot topic. Contrary to those who contend that either finding out and solving students’ problems or boosting the self-study ability of students is the most essential skill for high school teachers; I am pro the opinion that the most important aspect of a high school teacher is to be able to help students plan their future.

To begin with, high school students are in desperate need for guidance regarding their future career development, and teachers would be the closest competent candidates to offer advice as they know the student on a daily basis. When I was in high school, for example, a great portion of my classmates were aiming only to reach minimum requirements for graduation and to get an offer from a middle-ranged college in the U.S. as most of my cohort including myself were profoundly addicted to computer games at the time. Owing to our immature thoughts, we had no idea in terms of preference of future career or choice of universities. What made matters worse is that our teachers provided us with virtually zero instruction concerning our college application materials such as a solid plan of study or personal statement since they simply knew nothing about it thus lacking intention to help us. Consequently, these misfortunes surely could have been avoided if we had teachers who were capable of offering lucid instructions and plans for their students' career.

Granted, we could not neglect the demand of being able to find students who need assistances the most and help them. However, high school students, in contrast to elementary or middle-school students, are much more independent, and independent enough to request for teachers’ help voluntarily while they encounter adversities. In addition, it will be counterproductive for students if teachers are always the ones asking students’ detailed things and just as treating students like babies. Therefore, such ability would be considered to be not quite imperative.

Similarly, some people might think teaching students how to self-study outside the classroom is the most important capability because learning should be a life-long pursuit which is not limited in the school. Family education also plays an essential role on students’ behavioral model, regardless of how teachers endeavor to guide correct direction. Take my friend Tom for instance, his parents never asked him about where he went after school even if he came back late, where he was always playing online games in the cyber café after school. In this case, teachers’ advises would have no effect as a result of the deficiency of a family’s ability for fundamental discipline.

In summary, with the aforementioned reasons above, I would regard that a high school teacher's capacity of offering students with constructive plans regarding their career life is the most important characteristic.


Nowadays, parents put an increasing attention onchildren's education, and thus could not ignore therole teacher has played in the process of high school education. parents could not help askingwhat is the most important role for a high school teacher. Opinions vary: some would think theability to help students plan for the future matters, while others would consider how to learnoutside the classroom. In my opinion, the ability to find those who need help and help them isthe most important.

Admittedly, some people would think teaching students how to learn outside the classroomis the most important. The time a high school teacher could accomplish a students iscountable, three years at most; so if the teacher could teach students the way to self-study, they might effectively learn new things even if the teacher is not stay by their sides. However, on balance, to teacher students the way to study by themselves would be difficult for somestudents. These students could hardly finish the homework assigned in class, so letting them toself study more be too overwhelmed. For most of the students to benefit from their teacher, the most important quality would be the ability to find out those who are in need.

Helping students solve their problems could improve their interests in studying. In otherwords, the confidence gained from solving problems would keep students learning new things. For example, Jason used to be suffering from calculus homework where he could not figureout how to apply the theorem to the real question. His teacher, Mr. Smith, noticed his poorperformance in homework and asked him to leave for an extra hour to coach him. He wouldreview the class notes for him and emphasize the part that Jason could not understand. Moreover, in order to strengthen the impression of these puzzling ones, Mr. Smith wouldgive him many exercises to be familiar with the theorem. As a result, after half a month'scoaching, Jason could make every question in his homework correct, and this makes him feelconfident that he could overcome other problems as long as he keeps focusing on learning.

How about making students plan for the future? The problem with this is that the ability toplan for students's future could not guarantee them into a good university. Needless to say, colleges and universities usually have their own academic requirements for applicants. According to a recent survey conducted by University of Pennsylvania, after polling the top 100 universities in USA, most of them would admit applicants based on their performance at SATand GPA. Those who get scores above 2300 in SAT and have a GPA of 4.0 are even more likelyto be admitted to the Ivy League. None of them could take into consideration the ability toplan for their future. As a result, even if high school could plan for them what to learn in collegeor what job to take after graduation, their inability to get into a good university might let theplan go in vain.

To sum up, due to the reasons I list above, I would regard that a high school teacher'sability to help students solve problems is the most important quality.


Recently, what is the most important quality of high school teachers has been a hotly-debated question for a long time. Some people suppose that high school teachers should have the capacity to teach student learn by themselves while others regard assistance from teachers as most valuable. However, from my own perspective, I assume that it is most important for teachers to give useful advice on students’ future planning. My view points are based on the following reasons and examples.

To begin with, for senior students, how to choose a suitable future college major is essential to them. The reason is that this kind of decisions will definitely cast a significant impact on these kids who are just standing on the crossroad of their life. So if teachers are able to offer some practical opinion to their students, they may probably own a better college life as well as a brighter future. For example, five years ago when my sister Jane was prepare for her college entrance exam, her parents tried a lot to make her to choose a famous normal university, because they thought being an English teacher would have a lot of free time and could take care of her future family. Nevertheless, Jane had no interest in teaching. All she liked was programming. Fortunately, her computer science teacher kept encouraging her to pick up a major related to programming and tried a lot to persuade her parents to follow their daughter’s heart. This June Jane graduated from a computer engineering major and found a well-paid job in Shanghai. The most important thing is she never regret her decision in college major selection and always tell us that she is happy with her career. Obviously, her computer science teacher played an essential role in her major-choosing determination.

Moreover, due to the limitation of knowledge and experience, students may find it quite tough to pick up their future major. Nevertheless, teachers who know the outside world better can provide good advice to their students and thus will make their determination much easier. For instance, when I was in senior high school, there were two majors I would like to choose: one was translation and the other one was English teaching. I was too young to distinguish them clearly and just roughly knew that these two were both related to English, which was my favorite subject. One day I discussed this problem with my English teacher who owned a two-tear translation experience before she came to our school. Translation, she said, was a little bit boring because a translator should sit in front of a desk and type all the time, merely having any connection with other people. In contrast, being a teacher could involve with a lot interactions with little kids and would be much more interesting. Due to my outgoing personality, she recommended me to choose the latter. She was right. Several years passed by, I have become a TOEFL teacher and I am deeply into my career. If I did that decision myself, I might choose translation and finally find it not suitable for me. So my English teacher helped me a lot when I was a senior high school student.

Last but not least, obviously, it is possible that teachers may give some wrong advice because of their own drawbacks or an inadequate understanding of their students. However, this disadvantage can be simply fixed if we tell our students to consider other people’s opinion. As long as our kids collect various kinds of information from different groups, he or she can eventually select the most suitable one. One of my neighbor called Jack, an energetic boy, also was confused about major selecting. Actually, he had wide-ranged interests, from finance to human resources. When he asked his teacher for advice, his teachers can only give some unspecific information to him because none of them had a finance or HR background. Fortunately, Jack had an uncle who worked in financial field. He provided additional information to his nephew and thus finally led to Jack’s determination to study accounting in his future college life. Therefore, even in some case, it is indeed a bit difficult for teachers to give a profound advice, students can easily get some supplement from other individuals and finally make the best decision.

To sum up, helping students to choose an ideal future direction is the most significant quality which high school teachers should have. On the one hand, major selecting of teenagers can greatly influence their future life; on the other hand, senior high school kids lack the capacity to decide their college major on their own. Even if sometimes advice from teachers can also have its own deficiency, this disadvantage can be solved effectively by accepting various kinds of advice from different groups of people.


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