2015/10/24托福独立写作范文: A university should focus more on its facilities, such as libraries, computers or laboratory, rather than on hiring famous teachers.

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2015年10月24日托福独立写作范文:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: A university should focus more on its facilities, such as libraries, computers or laboratory, rather than on hiring famous teachers. 










Nowadays, to adapt to the increasing enrollment rate, universities choose to hire moreprofessors to lectures students. Whether this measure is more effective compared withupgrading campus facilities has drawn a wide attention. As far as I am concerned, focusingmore on university's facilities is more important, though hiring famous professors is necessary.

Admittedly, hiring famous professors may have certain benefits. Famous professors usuallyhave more comprehensive and deeper understandings within professional areas, whichprovides students with introductory backgrounds and specific contents to figure out thetheories in textbooks. However, if viewed from a different angle, it also means students havetoo much to digest. Students might be intimidated by too much reading materials or abysmaljargons and fell reluctant to study. In this case, cultivating students' interests by experimentsand other facilities could better improve students' academic performance.

Initially, improvement in facilities can serve as a catalyst for increasing students'interests. That is to say, advanced facilities make rigid knowledge vivid for students tounderstand. For example, for engineering students, it is usually the case that the professorwill bring students to the laboratory to demonstrate how the theories in books could betransformed into real circuit schematics. Likewise, professors in filming could use softwares, such as Final Cut, iMovies, or so, to direct students how to combine several static pictures intoone moving video. Thanks to these teaching facilities, there is a higher chance that studentscould be impressed by the real demonstrations of experiments or softwares, luring them to actthemselves. On the contrary, famous professors might be leading experts in academics, butthat does not necessarily ensure that their opinions could be fully delivered to students, whichplays little roles for students' s learning.

Additionally, improvement in facilities could enrich students' campus life. In other words, facilities like gymnasiums, libraries or even food courts could be a complement to academiclife. By going to gymnasiums after classes, students are eligible to weightlifting, playing squash, climbing and even basketball, dragging them out of study loads. By going to libraries, studentscould not only find reference books for their class, but, more importantly, they could browsebooks outside their major according to individual's interests, such as Jane Austen and SherlockHolmes. By going to the food court during classes, students are offered by various gourmetfood, especially, Spaghetti, Sushi and fried rice, providing students with a healthy and excitinglifestyle.

To sum up, due to the reasons I list above, I would regard that upgrading universityfacilities deserves more more focus than hiring famous professors.


Schools are cradles that cultivate students and ,equipping them with various knowledge and abilities. Thus, it is school’s’ duty to provide the best possible learning circumstance for students. When comparing the improvement of facilities with the hire of famous teachers, I am firmly convinced that the later deserves more attention from school and the reasons are as follows.

To begin with, famous teachers can well motivate students’ learning enthusiasm, which is the basis for effective learning.

In addition, famous teachers can drastically improve a school’s reputation.

Famous teachers are like live libraries, computers or labs, brilliantly influencing those around them, even the society they live in。

Admittedly, hard soft matters as well. As basic learning facilities, libraries, labs, computers are indispensable for students’ learning and therefore cannot be ignored by school’s constructor. However, compared with the soft power, these facilities are of less important as they can be compensated through other ways. For instance, if someone cannot find a book in his school library, he can buy it from book store or borrow it from city library. Similarly, when someone wants to do a test via some certain equipment that his school does not have, he can turn to other related labs or institution to manage the test. In contrast, the influence and reputation famous teachers bring cannot be easily “borrowed”.


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