2015/8/30托福独立写作范文:It is important to have rules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to wear at work and at school.

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2015年8月30日托福独立写作范文:It is important to have rules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to wear at work and at school. (15.08.30)

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With remarkable progress of the society, the standard of people's dressing style hasundergone profound changes. Concerning the debate that whether it is important to haverules about the types of clothing that people are allowed to wear at work orschool, people differ in their attitudes. It is widely acknowledged that it isgood for people to show their individuality by wearing types of clothing at their will. However, I firmly holdthe view that dressing code in school or at work is a necessity. Andmy reasons and examples are given below.

Admittedly, wearing certain types of clothing can have one ortwo downsides. For instance, dressing code makes people lack of individuality. However,compared with good grades in school and satisfactory working performance, the expression of one s individuality by wearing different clothes is in fact a minor issue, because good grades and working performance have nothing to do with one's clothing. And therefore, I am still convinced that having rules about types of clothing is essential for students or staff members.

From what has been discussed above, we cansafely draw a conclusion that it is very important to standardize people sdressing at work or school. Not only because uniformed clothing can create aprofessional atmosphere, but also it makes it convenient for school authortiy and companies to manage its students and staff.



Nowadays, people’s opinions may differ when it comes to the issue whether it is of vital importance to have rules about the types of clothing that people are permitted to wear at work and at school. Some people would claim that clothing is an identity at work or school. However, in my opinion, I am still in favor of the idea that rules on the types of clothing are unnecessary for the following reasons.

Admittedly, restriction on clothing at work or at school can enhance working and learning efficiency to some extent. When employees are ruled to wear uniforms, people can focus their attention on what they do instead of distracted by a variety of clothes. It is obvious that concentration will bring efficiency, ensuring production efficiency and ensuring studying effect. However, compared to the benefits brought by free wearing, rules on clothing are secondary both to workers and students

To begin with, allowing employees to have different standards on clothes enables workers to feel more respect. That is to say, by providing the freedom to dress whatever they like, employers deliver the concept of respect. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, after polling thousands of employees from different companies, most respondents believe that regulations on their clothing are disrespectful and undesirable and should be abandoned or at least adjusted. It is also mentioned by some senior managers that it is of potential risks to prohibit the clothes wearing since it might cause tension between employers and employees. On the other hand, when employees are free to choose what to wear in office, the color difference would bring more diversity, leading to a more vivacious atmosphere. This is helpful in improving work efficiency because office-stayers are more free in what they think and how to manage the problems.

In addition, in a school setting, personalized clothing can cultivate students’ appreciation for beauty. As is known to all, students are at an age that well-rounded education are in dire need; by permitting students to wear different kinds of clothes, students can learn about beauty through different angles by watching everyday apparels. For instance, my girlfriend Katie grew up in US and she was given with the freedom to wear what she loves in school. Later when she started working in China, she knew exactly what to wear because her standard of beauty in dressing has been established. In contrast, most Chinese students who have been restricted by wearing uniforms in school for years would have trouble choosing the proper attire entering the professional world. The reason is that most Chinese teenagers are not given with the opportunity to select what they like. Consequently, they lack the experience of trial and error, which will take a longer time for them to find out what’s suitable for them.

To sum up, based on the above analysis, despite certain merits of having strict dress code, I believed that people should not implement this policy at work or school.


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