2015/7/12托福独立写作:These days, children spend more time on doing homework or participating in organized activities related to school or sports.

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2015年7月12日托福独立写作范文:These days, children spend more time on doing homework or participating in organized activities related to school or sports. However, they should be given more time to do whatever they want.










Traditionally, doing homework and taking part inorganized activities are considered as wise ways tohelp children become ready for social life, intellectually and emotionally. However, I believethat more time should be given to children to dowhatever they want, for it can cultivate theirindependence, stimulate interests and enhancefamily relationship.

Firstly, Allowing children to do whatever they choose to do can better cultivate independentability. If only focusing on the school arrangements, doing the fixed homework and participatingin organized activities, children would lose the ability to arrange their own activities andmanage their time rationally. Once children have been accustomed to the arranged life, theywould follow rules others make, rather than breaking up them. What’s more, children’sinnovation will be harmed greatly if everything has already been set for them.

Secondly, Giving children more time to do whatever they like is beneficial for them tostimulate interests. On the one hand,just as a saying goes: interest is the best teacher. Onlywhen children do the things they like can they realize their talents. Their potential can also bestimulated. On the other hand, children will stick to what they are fond of and learn apriceless lesson that perseverance will pay off. Life abounds with such examples. Bill Gatestook interests in computer programing and was excused from math classes to pursue hisinterest when he was young. However, his parents never hamper his interests. It is hisenthusiasm toward computer software designing that makes him one of the most renownedbusiness magnates.

Thirdly, family relationship can be significantly boosted, if parents give more free time tochildren. If parents set too many restrictions on what children can do, children would graduallyfeel disgusted about these limits. Suppose a young child goes back home after a whole day’sclasses, feeling exhausted physically and mentally. However, instead of caring about theirchild’s emotions, parents still push him to do homework and participate in organizedactivities. In this case, this child will become rebellious. Hardly does his communicate with hisparents in the future, which, in the long run, does harm to his psychological health. Bycontrast, if parents can give him more freedom to choose whatever he likes, this child wouldrealize that parents show great respect and trust to him. Therefore, family relationship would, undoubtedly, be enhanced.

Based on the above analysis, giving children more time to do what they want to is definitely awise idea.


In recent years, an increasing number of parents have been concerned about what children should do in the end of their schooldays? Notwithstanding intensive afterschool study plans sprouting from the popular children education experts, I think children should have more time and liberty to pursue their own goals. Not only is it a good opportunity for children to form their own outlook on life, the process will also help them to become more independent than concentrating on assignments specified by teachers exclusively.

Who am I? When students spend most of their time on school work or school organized activities, they practically embrace the set of beliefs fed by their teachers. There is nothing wrong for educators to teach values in schools as no one can develop attitude toward life from thin air. But children should be given sufficient opportunities and freedom to read books outside the reading list and participate in activities organized by their friends. In a liberal society, students should be allowed to experience different cultures and ideas. Then he or she will become a true being instead of someone’s replica.

The best aspect of being a grownup is that no one will have authority, at least moral high ground, to dictate your life. On the other hand, it is unsurprising to hear the report that many college graduates feel lost after they left schools. They feel challenging if not uncomfortable to integrate into the chaotic world once they no longer receive the detailed and well-organized schedules from teachers or student leaders. However, the process of becoming an adult could be smoother and much less painful if they would take initiative to set the agenda independently when they were children.

In conclusion, I support the argument that children should be given more freedom to do what they want. We know successful people do not simply follow orders; they command their own destinies.


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