2015/7/11托福独立写作范文:Teachers should be paid at least as much as doctors, lawyers or business leaders are paid

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2015年7月11日托福独立写作范文:Teachers should be paid at least as much as doctors, lawyers or business leaders are paid. (15.07.11)










Should teachers be paid at least as much as doctors, lawyers or business leaders are paid? As far as I am concerned, in this era of booming social and technological development, teachers play an indispensable and critical part in the society, and must be paid as much as, if not more than, doctors, lawyers and business leaders.

To begin with, there is no denying that being a teacher is an arduous as well as demanding job which is accompanied by tremendous pressure. Being a parent is already tiresome with the mission of taking care of one or two child, while teachers have to take a much greater responsibility of caring for much more children. Besides, apart from daily courses, teachers also need to stay up late correcting their students’ assignments almost every day. Some may argue that teachers can enjoy the extra bonus of weekend-breaks, summer and winter holidays, but actually even during these times, most teachers choose to do extra research or offer extra tutoring to some of their students so as to improve their students’ grades or their own teaching skills. Under the dual pressure coming from both schools and parents, teachers must cope with greater workloads compared with some other professions, and that is why they deserve higher pays.

Moreover, the significance of teachers to the society is self-evident. Granted, doctors contribute to the society by healing patients and push forward the course of medicine, lawyers contribute to the society by speaking up for the calumniated and upholding justice, and business leaders contribute to the society by vitalizing business development and boosting social economy. However, it is teachers who cultivate talents of these three essential professions and even more versatile talents for the society. Not everybody is gifted enough to be self-taught, so a society lack of teachers would be lacking in professional workers as well. Besides, teachers themselves can also give impetus to academic progression. As a consequence, if other professions fostered by teachers can be paid with high salaries, it would simply make no sense if teachers only receive lower pays.

In addition, to become a teacher in contemporary times is by no means a easy task. Nowadays, more and more attention is being turned to education, thus elevating the requirements for the quality of teachers. For example, a graduate degree has already become a necessity in many cities for being a high school teacher. If someone wants to become a university professor, then he/she must guarantee a doctor’s degree first, and then get prepared for the coming challenges of both academic research and teaching tasks. Lower salaries would only discourage young people from committing themselves to such a challenging profession, which would then become detrimental to the society as a whole.

To sum up, suffering from enormous pressure during both pre-preparation and tenure of office, such a vital profession as teachers totally deserve higher pays compared with doctors, lawyers and business leaders. (492 words)


Nowadays, the salary level of teachers has aroused aheated discussion in the society. Many teachersconsider that their salary is lower compared withother professions, and they advocate the raise insalary to the level that could be compared withdoctors, lawyers or even business leaders. As far as Iam concerned, though improving the overallpayment level of the teachers has certain benefits, whether to raise the salary should be considered more comprehensively.

Admittedly, giving teachers’ a comparable salary to doctors, lawyers or even business leadersmight serve as an effective tool to motivate teachers. Being given more money, teachersmight feel obliged to teach students well. In this case, they might treat students with morepatience and respond to their questions more carefully. Also, Giving teachers enough moneywould relieve their financial burdens, which could keep teachers more concentrated onteaching and improve the overall academic levels. However, on balance, to raise the salary ofteachers for the purpose of improving teaching performance might be ineffective becausestudents’ willingness to learn stays the same. This ineffectiveness would cause the rise awaste of money. In this way, the salary of teachers should be evaluated more flexibly.

To begin with, whether to raise the salary depends on the contribution teachers have made tothe school. In other words, those who have played positive roles in promoting the schooldeserve a higher salary. For example, Mr. Owen Smith, a teacher in Mountain Ridge Highschool in Southern California, always organizes school students some social activities withresidents in the community. Sometimes, they would play a football game with parents in theneighborhood; sometimes, they would hold a forum regarding how to deal with generation gapsbetween parents and adolescents; sometimes, they would even hold lectures for parents onhow to help children crack SAT so that students could apply for a better college. Thanks tothese social activities held by Mr. Owen Smith, Mountain Ridge’s reputation in town iswidespread, and since most parents are familiar with how the school runs, they are morewilling to send their children to the school. In this case, the school should pay Mr. Owen Smithhigher salaries for attracting more students to school.

In addition, whether to raise the salary also depends on the role teachers have played inimproving students’ academic performance. That is to say, if a teachers could not bring hisstudents helpful guidance in schoolwork, he should not be high paid. According to a surveyconducted on Sina Weibo, after polling some headteachers in Beijing, most of them claim thatthey suffered from a dilemma that teachers’ salary keeps rising every year while the averagescore students achieve in College Entrance Exam has not improved comparably. The originalpurpose for raising the salary is to give teachers more incentives in teaching students, but whatturns out to be is that teachers, with more money, spend more time on their private life, instead of work. Teachers would choose to travel out of town, instead of helping students afterclass, which leads to a relative drop in academic performance for students. Under thiscircumstance, schools might stop providing teachers with high salaries indiscriminately andoffer bonus to those who are able to help students achieve satisfactory results in exams.

To sum up, improving the salary of teachers seems to bring benefits to schools, but to make themoney a better use, more specific thoughts should be given on how to improve it. If a teacheris able to help the school build reputation or help students improve academic performance, the improving salary is a must. Otherwise, the increasing salary might be counter-productive.


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