2015/7/4托福独立写作范文:Children can benefit in important ways from taking care of pet animals

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2015年7月4日托福独立写作范文:Children can benefit in important ways from taking care of pet animals.










According to a survey conducted by China Daily, it becomes a commonphenomenon that with the gradually raised living standard of the public,nowadays an increasing number of families raise pet animals, which hasdramatically attracted public attention. But when it comes to whether parentsshould allow children look after pets, people varying in personlities and ageshold different views. As far as I am concerned, it is beneficial for children totake care of pets, in orde to establish close friendship with pet animals andfoster kids’ sense of responsibility.

To begin with, via spending long time staying with pets, children candevelop close relationship with their pets. It is self-evident that the longeryou stay with animals, the closer and deeper relationship will be established.Such an experience will enrich kids’ childhood and become beautiful memorieschildren shall cherish for life. I still remember my first pet dog Steve. Backthat time most desirable thing for me after school was to take Steve out to thenearby park, where we had so much fun chasing each other. Steve would alwayswave his tail whenever I came near and fed him. Without Steve my boyhood wouldhave been so much duller. Therefore, raising pets can help children to build upa close relationship with them and thus harvest a colorful childhood.

Secondly, taking good care of pets is an effective way for children tofoster the sense of responsibilty and great patience, which are of greatsignificance for their future success. When parents allow children to raisepets, they become the host of their pets and thus they are obliged to doeverything to ensure the health and well-being of their cats or dogs. Forexample, children have to prepare nutritious food and clean the living placesfor pets, which are sometimes boring and time-consuming. The difficulties andtroubles accompanying the process of raising pets cannot be overcome withoutpatience and the sense of responsbility.

Admittedly, there are a few disadvantages of looking after pets such asoccupying children’s study time and making kids’ room become dirty. However,compared with the above reasons of our claim, these demerits can be neglected.Therefore, I strongly agree with the belief that it is conducive for kids totake care of pets, for they can not only develop close relationship with theirpets, but also learn to undertake responsibilty as well as become patient infront of challenges.


Nowadays, pet raising has walked into the public spotlight. Debate on whether children couldachieve benefits from taking care of pets has been heatedly discussed. Whether some peopleclaim that it is a waste of time to raise pets, I disagree. In my opinion, raising pets could bean effective way to benefit children.

To begin with, during the course of pet-raising, children would realize how to maintain theresponsibility. they would learn to cherish the hard work of their parents and become moreconsiderate. Outwardly, taking care of a small anima appears to be a simple task. Only afterassuming the duty could a child fully sense the difficulty in doing it well. Each step needs to befollowed cautiously. He has to commit a series of complicated duties, including learning abouthabitual nature of the pet, preparing for the suitable amount of food to feed it in time, doingcleaning and even playing with it. These may remind them of what parents would do whiletaking care of their child. It is likely for the little pet owner to thoroughly understand thehardships his parents have undergone to bring him up. Accordingly, he will try to respect andcherish the hard work of their parents more than before. This should be the sign of hisprogress toward maturity.

In addition, raising pets allows children to experience the happiness of being devoted toothers. No matter how many troubles they have encountered to feed their pets, these effortsshall never be made vainly. The process of care-taking fills them with enormous happiness. For example, my cousin brought home a schnauzer last summer and named it Coco. Everymorning, he had to walk it in the park and feed her food and water. If he did not have to go toschool, he would bring her to the lawn in the park and played frisbee with her. In the evening, he might take a shower with her as well. According to him, Coco is a company for him, and sheis indispensable for him. Evidently, the wholehearted devotion granted to animals makeschildren appreciate the real essences of happiness. They may also realized that beingdevoted to others could make one’s life both meaningful and joyful.

In brief, taking care of pet animals could benefit children in two ways. On one hand, childrencould learn to maintain responsibility; on the other hand, they could also experience the senseof devotion, both of which are priceless value that might play important roles in their life.


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