2015/5/30托福独立写作:When you have a friend for a long time, whether you will continue the friendship even if he or she does something you do not like

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When you have a friend for a long time, whether you will continue the friendship even if he or she does something you do not like. (15.05.30)










The significance of friendship cannot be denied in all the ages even though controversial issues may provoke some misunderstanding between friends. It will be a headache if people find that different values are held among their companions, and consequently the debate about whether a friend should be forgiven after he or she does something you do not like has caused grave concerns. It is widely acknowledged that there is no need to keep friendship with those persons holding converse views with us anymore, but as for me, I believe it is still worthwhile to be friends with them for the following three reasons.

To begin with, there is no exaggeration to say that staying with friends brings more chances to release physical and mental stress. If we forgive what our friends did in the past, and continue to join some sports with them, there will be no obstacles for us to stretch our body and improve our health via doing exercises together. In addition, after showing our kindness to our friends, it will be much casual to confide our annoyances with them, thereby getting a spiritual relax. Take my story as an example. I was struggled about whether I will still be good friend with Amy after she began to visit nightclubs frequently, but at last I found that even I did not accept her hobby, we enjoy ourselves and receive self-release when having fun together. Generally speaking, keeping friendship with a friend doing something we hate still paves the way for our enjoyment both in physics and mentality.

To add more credibility, our knowledge base may unexpectedly be enlarged through getting on the friends who did something we do not like. We definitely will share information with our friends in our communication, and if we only choose to chat with those persons having similar value and interests with us to be our acquaintances, it will be very unfavorable for us to obtain the very specific knowledge in other fields or industries that we are not familiar with. Amy’s story also can exemplify this point of view. After I continue our relationship, I have learnt oceans of knowledge from Amy such as the nightclub music, the variety of cocktails and the passionate dancing styles. Therefore, tolerating the existence of different hobbies is in favor of broadening our horizons.

The last contributory factor lies in that it will be a fabulous chance for us to discover our personal interest and dig out our potential if we accept friends doing thing we do not support. Do not believe that the process of self-understanding is an easy thing. Not given enough opportunities, you may never find out what kind of interest you really want to develop, so exposing ourselves to people who did things we do not favor probably prepares us more chances to kindle our curiosity in new things, such as arts, music, and sports, and thus our potential talents will be unfolded. According to a recent report conducted by Harvard University, 78 percent of college students admit that they can cultivate new tastes from their friends’ hobbies, with which they feel unhappy previously. To sum up, understanding the interests of our friends serves as a catalyst for developing our own interest and talents.

For all above reasons I have mentioned, we can safely draw the conclusion that we should continue the friendship with our old friends even they do something we do not like.


Friendship is an dispensable part in our life.Some people believe that friends should be someone share the same interests and the same preference,for it is easy to communicate with each other. I disagree. I think friendship should be a relationship which allow keeping differences besides common ground, especially when it comes to a long time friendship.

To begin with, something dislike done by friends has little influence on friendship. A longtime friendship has always been cultivated by a process during which people have shared lots of likes and dislikes and build up a common understanding of each other. Something dislike cannot change the core of a relationship. People can deal with such difference so that it shades compared with the long relationship. For example, one of my best friends began to smoke 4years after we met. As a people who see smoking as a devil, I thought it is both an improper behavior for girls and a threat for her health. I talked with her and even quarreled several times before we finally set up a compromising decision. After that, she made up a promise of only lighting a cigarette a day. The dislike can be resolved even before it reach the border of a relationship.

Additionally, the divergence between friends might be a good thing for friendship. By finding, knowing and understanding the differences, friends gain a deep understanding of each other. Progress can be achieved by solving problems and this rule also applies to friendship. By dealing with problems, friends can get a comprehensive understanding on each other. For example, people who would like to show how intimate they are with their friends can hardly understand why their friends find it repulsive. My sister is an outgoing girl who always show her life on twitter, while one of her friends, Jessie, thinks it is too shallow. Their friendship suffer a lot because Jessie hates putting her on twitter. After a heated discussion, Jessie knew it is just an act of sharing with others their happiness and knew that my sister gains an achievement when she replies the messages written by other people especially strangers.

In conclusion, friendship is essential and precious to everyone, not alone a friendship goes through years. Divergence exist everywhere and can be solved as long as two parts seek a balance. I think friendship continues although friend did something you do not like because the difference is too weak to hurt a relationship and the difference can serve as an accelerator for friendship.


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