2015/5/16托福独立写作:Some people spend a lot of time watching sports programs on TV or following their favorite sports teams.

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2015年5月16日托福独立写作范文:Some people spend a lot of time watching sports programs on TV or following their favorite sports teams. Does this have a negative influence on the lives of these people

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Every year at this time, either European soccerteams or NBA basketball teams are sparing no effortsin wining their championship, making hugenumbers of fans supporting their team in front TV. For some parents,certain contents, such asadvertisements on Corona beers, between the sportsgames are inappropriate forchildren, and hencetelevision has now often been accused of affectingyoung people adversely. From their point of view, the negative effects of the entertainmentmedia far outweigh its benefits. I disagree.

Admittedly, entertainment media has imposed certain negative effects on children. Dirtywords and violent actions in pitch have inevitably caused imitation among teenagers. Sinceteenagers are particularly impressionable at that age, anything they are exposed to couldseriously impact their perception of reality. According to a recent survey conducted by theChinese Adolescent Delinquency Association, after polling hundreds of young criminals aged 12 to 18, most respondents claimed that when they were playing basketball withfriends, theymight be unconsciously abuse his opponents or even teammates by saying dirty words justliketheir superstar had done in the game. Thus to some extent, the media is responsible forsome problematicteenagers’ behavior.

However, watching these sports might be beneficial in cultivating children’s value ofteamwork. In NBA Finals last year, San Antonio Spurs were competing with Miami Heat for theseason champion. Team members from Spurs were more focusing on supporting each otherand complimenting each other’s skills: Ginobli was incharge of range shoot; Tony carried ball tothe basket; Tim Duncan were holding the rebounds. On the contrary, players from Heat, mostof the time, were focusing on how many points individuals had scored, leadingthe team’sperformance to taking a nosedive. Even LeBron James could not carry a team if no one iswilling to assist them. In team sports, as in many situations in life, great things are usuallyonly be achievedwhen a group of people works harmoniously towards the same goal.

Besides, sport events provide young people with a temporary escape from their stressfullives, full of studying. By watching broadcasts on Formula One races, children can knowexperience the passion of high speedand even be aware of the technological innovationsapplied to improve the speed of the cars. Seeing matches like diving is also an enjoyment, where players are presenting elegant gestures and coherent transitionsto win the matches. From the X-games, such as climbing or Bungee jump, children can learn the importanceofmastering fear and self-challenge.

All in all, despite a few isolated cases of negative influence, I believe that the positive impactof watching sport events on television cannot be denied.


Sport is popular among people of all ages and all walks of life, from ancient times to the present. More and more people watch sports on TV and have their own favorite teams, which in my view has a negative effect on people’s lives.

First, watching sports on TV and following the favorite teams encroaches on people’s time and causes distraction from more meaningful things. On the one hand, most of the fans are so fanatical that they never miss any match of their favorite teams, which undoubtedly lessens their time they spend accompanying their family members and friends and the time they use to study. If things go on like this, interpersonal relationships will be disturbed and academic performance will regress. On the other hand, deeply preoccupied with sports, people will pay less attention and energy to others. Those people are very willing to spare time to collect information about their favorite teams with great passion, but they are reluctant to do other things even if they have plenty of time. Such scene is very familiar to us: the husband’s mind is so stuffed with football matches that whatever his wife talks with him, his response is always: “Hum”.

Second, physical health will be impaired due to excessive attention to sports. As the galloping development of the communication technology, the sports matches can be broadcast live by TV network in almost every part of the world. Given the time difference, it is quite usual that people will watch sports from very late night to very early morning. For example, during the 2014 World Cup, every day there were three matches from midnight to 6 a.m., Beijing time. Longstanding inadequate sleep in the night and pressure of work cumulated in daytime will cause great burden to health. According to the reports, two people who stayed up late to watch matches died from sudden cardiac death during the 2014 World Cup.

Admittedly, there are indeed some merits that the sports matches and teams can bring, for at least watching sports on TV is a kind of recreation, making us away from the heavy work for a while. Besides, we can learn about team work and the spirit of never giving up. And it is easier for people who like the same kind of sports to make friends with each other, especially when they love the same sports team. However we should always keep in mind that reasonable time management is indispensable and that intemperate indulgence in the sports and ignorance of other aspects of life is inadvisable.

In conclusion, absorption in sports matches and teams exerts bad influences on people’s lives, for it occupies too much time, causes distraction and impairs health. In addition, it is very crucial that we should strike a balance between our hobbies and our lives.


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