2015/4/12托福独立写作:Internet is as important as other service such as building roads that government should make Internet access to all the citizens at no cost

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2015年4月12日托福独立写作:Internet is as important as other service such as building roads that government should make Internet access to all the citizens at no cost. 互联网与修建公路一样重要,政府应该让所有的公民免费获取互联网服务

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With the advent of information age, the Internet has profoundly influenced every aspect in modern people’s life. Under such a background, how does the government play its role? Should the government offer Internet access to citizens at no cost? These questions trigger a heated debate in society. From my perspective, the Internet access, like other important public services, is supposed to be available to the public free of charge. I am going to elaborate my viewpoint in the following paragraphs. (80 words)

Firstly,charge-free strategy allows more people to enjoy internet-based public services. Under the encouragement of cost-free policy, an increasingly number of people are willing to get access to the Internet and then benefit from government services optimized by the Internet. For example, in my country, people used to have real difficulty in buying train tickets especially during holiday seasons. In order to successfully buy the tickets, they had to wait in line in poorly ventilated place for hours. But now, things have changed a lot. They book tickets online very quickly and use their ID card to check in at the train station.

Secondly, the economy will be stimulated attributed to free Internet access. Once the government makes the Internet access available to the public free of charge, it can be estimated that e-commerce will grow in leaps and bounds. More people will choose to start up business online and a great many job opportunities will be created, which also give impetus to the development of relevant industries such as logistics. The success of Alibaba perfectly mirrors the positive impacts of the Internet on the economy. If the government offer free Internet access to all citizens, there will be more enterprises like Alibaba emerging one after another.

Of course, we have to admit that free Internet access will bring tremendous pressure on government budget. After all, the construction of network, similar to building other major infrastructure, is a huge project that consumesintensive labor and funds. However, the government can cover the expenditure via other ways including levying a tax on profitable internet-based business.

In conclusion, making the Internet access free of charge is a valuable and far-reaching effort for the government. In tide of the third industrial revolution in human history brought by the Internet, the government should play a greater role in leading its people to embrace this new age.


Despite the huge impact of the Internet, as a convenient tool for educational, vocational and recreational purposes, offering free Internet access should be viewed as a short-sighted, ill-considered proposal. For both personal and commercial concerns, Internet with no charges will inevitably bring about unexpected fallout. Therefore, I hold my point that under no circumstances should the government provide free Internet access for the public.

First, for the users of Internet, free of charge means declination of quality. So limited is the total bandwidth of Internet access, that more computers and phones connected to the Internet means slower speed for each individual user. Now, as Internet could be available only after payment, those unwilling to spend money on the Internet leaves fairly enough bandwidth for the registered users. However, were Internet free of charge for citizens, almost everyone, whether with urgent or irrelevant aims, would have connected to the Internet for 24 hours 7 days. Then, without doubt, so many citizens watching online videos, downloading large-scale softwares or chatting via video cam with more than 10 friends, the Internet must be slower than those using a primitive 14.4k modem. So, for the rights to access fast enough Internet, government should never make it free.

Second, for the businesses providing Internet access, free Internet services will ruin their future. As Internet become an essential part for people’s life, many companies working on offering fast, stable Internet access become strong business tycoons. For instance, Vodafone, one of the largest Internet service provider, has established 14 branches in different countries and recruited over 1.4 million employees. However, were free Internet service emerged, what would probably happen to these fast-growing business? Internet users, finding ways to download music or send voice mails without any charge, will soon abandon these Internet business sending bills to them every month. Then, not only such business would go bankruptcy, all the staff would thus become unemployed, which could be a huge economic and social disaster for government.

In conclusion, both considering the privileges for Internet users and the destiny of Internet service providers, I strongly believe that government should never try to make Internet access free.


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