2015/2/1托福独立写作:Movies and television programs have more negative influence than positive ones on how young people behave

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2015年2月1日托福独立写作题目:Movies and television programs have more negative influence than positive ones on how young people behave. 

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While TV has become a household product and has revolutionized the way of daily entertainment, a majority of people are concerned over certain TV programs that could negatively affect or mislead teenagers. I can not agree more and believe that TV has exerted more negative effects on people.

TV programs such as reality show can be rather misleading for the youth. This genre has a proclivity for spotlighting meanness, greed, deception and other negative personality traits in competitive platforms. For example, reality shows such as “Survivor," “Big Brother, and “The Apprentice” expect participants to be crafty, deceptive and mean-spirited as a general rule. Oftentimes, the winners are those who have the least amount of moral scruples. Many of the topics on "The Real World," for example, focus on jealousy, pettiness, partying and substance abuse because producers believe that problems and conflicts create more engaging television.

TV dramas with intriguing plots can also be a distraction for employees and students. An online survey conducted among 1,210 people by the China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center shows that 60 percent of the participants believed that TV dramas have negative effects on teenagers. Many students refer to the phenomenon of their classmate addicted to TV dramas and fail to concentrate on their homework or even classes. Unsurprisingly, these students often fail to achieve good academic performance. Worse, influenced by the romantic love in the TV dramas, girls or boy may be indulged in their fantasies and longing for a romantic relationship and show the least attention to school work.

Violence scenes on TV have negative effects on children and make them more aggressive as well. Their nature becomes more violent. There are many extreme cases when children created havoc in their schools in shooting accidents. Children could think that they are super heroes and jump from high rise building thus creating a threat for their life. They may become more aggressive and rude in nature. There health may be spoiled due to watching excessive television.

Therefore, it’s not hard to see that television can be more harmful than beneficial and entertaining.


Since the invention of movies and television, human history has started a new page. Some people argue that movies and television has bad effect on young people’s behavior because of the violent and sex seen on them. However, according to my knowledge, I maintain that the advantage of movies and television is far outweight their disadvantage.

First of all, good movies and television allow us to think about of life and expand our outlook. They make us have a better understanding of life. For example, the excellent movie Titanic shows us a beautiful love story. The movie tells us that love is such a valuable thing and it has nothing to do status or money. Every precious love should be inspired by inner feelings. A good love gives people numerous strength and courage to encounter unfortunate in our daily life. After watching the movie, I start to think about my own love, I become more optimistic and thank to my lover and my life. Therefore, I maintain good movie and television could instruct our life.

What’s more, television provides lots of interesting programs that many people enjoy after a long day’s work. Its visual effect makes people feel less stressed and more relaxed. Nowadays

young people have to work hard in order to keep themselves at the pace of modern life and thus they bear more stress than ever before. Therefore, they do need a good relax after work. For example, I often watch a program on TV called Happy Camp when I have free time, the program tell lots of interesting things about some famous people or new idols. So I have opportunity to learn about their life especially the people I respect and admired, thus I can learn important quality and virtues from them. Every time I am able to develop more energy and have a good mood after watching this program.

Admittedly, there exist some low quality movies and television, which had bad influence on the development and cultivation of young people. However, some negative effect can be avoided by offering young people right guidance,and also people should do their best to create a good moive and television environment to young people.

All in all, television and movies surely have positive influence on the way people think and talk, and enrich our after-school life and make people learn important lessons from them.


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