2015/1/25托福独立写作:When classmates or colleagues communicate about a certain project in person instead of using email, it is better for the project

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2015年1月25日托福独立写作题目:When classmates or colleagues communicate about a certain project in person instead of using email, it is better for the project. 










With the advancement of technology, innumerable forms of communication have been introduced into our daily life. Cell phones, text messaging and emails make it easy for us to reach anybody, anywhere. However, despite all of the advantages, there still exists many disadvantages in using these high-tech products. From my perspective, the best way of communication is still having a conversation with others face to face.

First of all, text messaging is an emotionless form of communication which eliminates all the expressions or body languages of the speakers in a conversation. When we talk with someone, verbal language is only a very small part of the dialogue, we express our feelings, ideas and opinions through many other aspects. Even a subtle change of tone can lead to different meanings. For example, a rising tone may imply one’s doubt while a falling tone shows one’s approval. E-mails can hardly deliver information like that.

Secondly, it is hard to discuss difficult topics over e-mails. They can be troublesome if you are planning to discuss a complex issue with others although in some cases they are still useful. A quick and nasty e-mail can often be seen when the discussion becomes heated. A lot of problems are popping out and one turns out to be impatient to organize the language, making others hard to understand the content and leading the conversation into a mess.

Last but not the least, e-mail delivery can sometimes be postponed due to many causes, such as the breakdown of computers or network, and even simple power outage can lead to the failure of sending or receiving e-mails. Imagine you are right in the middle of a discussion with your classmates and you just sent your idea to them. Now you are looking forward to receiving their reply, but all of a sudden, your computer cannot function well. Undoubtedly, it must be very disappointing and annoying. However, you never need to worry problems like that in a face-to-face conversation.

To sum up, although technology development has provided us with convenience and it also has benefits in a conversation, I still think traditional way of communication is the better option when discussing with others in doing a project.


The modern society has required an increasing number of cooperation to a great extent in order to guarantee the success of tasks individuals are supposed to accomplish either under circumstances of school life or in the situation of the working. During the process of that cooperation, excellent level of communication is demanded between each member working together. From my perspective, the way of exchanging ideas in person is more suitable to succeed in fulfilling a project than by email.

It should be admitted that conveying opinions through emails could be considered to be wonderful from a certain viewpoint. That means of communication between members in a team can avoid the possible trouble they might encounter if they have to gather together in person including the traffic fare, the time of commuting, and the difficulty of finding time as well as location available for all of team members. However, the advantages of discussing the project in person outnumber those via emails involving both the quality and the efficiency of completing that discussion they need. Those benefits are regarded as significantly essential elements in achieving success of communication and accomplishing the assignments as well. Due to those merits, it is more beneficial for a group to talk with each other through face to face meetings than emails.

Moreover, in terms of the quality of communication, a team working on a project is advised to choose to discuss topics in person rather than via emails. By chatting with each other about the task needed to be done in person, group members can realize the face to face communication, which is believed to be an effective method of avoiding probable misunderstandings during the discussion with involvements of facial expressions, eye contacts, and body gestures beside words, the combination of which could be more accurate than writing what the members want to describe in emails. Through sending emails, people have the possibility of delivering what they mean in a wrong way or even lacking the ability of portraying their meanings in the written form. For instance, a designing team in an advertisement firm is asked to create a visual advertisement on TV. Without meeting in person instead of exchanging thoughts by email, the person responsible for producing the video might not create the exact image the designing people desire due to the possibility that the video maker is misled by phrases in emails. Therefore, the communication through face to face talking is superior to the way of exchanging emails in the area of the accuracy of meanings.

In addition, in order to promote the efficiency during communicating, it is more helpful to have face to face discussions than talking through emails. People need time to check and respond to their emails, and that time would be longer when some of them might be occupied by other errands or assignments, or coming across technical breakdown or errors of the Internet as well as the performance of email system. Even though those members are not disturbed by those unfortunate incidents, the interaction via emails demands more time for people to organize words to compose emails owing to the fact that usually it is the writing instead of speaking that consumes more time to complete. In contrast, having prepared themselves with a great deal of necessary materials, individuals can articulate their opinions and fully explain their standpoints in a relatively short time of discussing meeting. Besides, people can give their responses to the feedback, comments, or questions at the same meeting without delaying. Thus, the group would be more likely to obtain the satisfying arrangement and appropriate outcomes for the project they are dealing with just in one meeting.

In conclusion, although presenting ideas through emails might possess favorable factors, communicating in person contributes to better quality of communication and high efficiency of working. Therefore, a team is encouraged to perform the discussion in person rather than by email.


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