2015/1/11托福独立写作:The most important characteristic of a successful leader is good communication skills

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2015年1月11日托福独立写作题目:The most important characteristic of a successful leader is good communication skills. 










Such is human nature to strive for the position of a leader, for a highly qualified leader could temper his or her comprehensive talents, earn the maximum admiration and respect after obtaining the objectives. People differ greatly in their views as to what makes qualified leaders. An opinion springs up that communication skill tops all. As I see it, a good speech-craft is crucial for a leader,however,it is never the only standard of eminent leaders.

Effective communication ability must fall into the qualities of eminent leaders. To be the leader is what many of us aspire after, although not everyone could fulfill this dream. The connotation of leadership might include many elements. First-class speech-craft and perfect communication skills is, by all means, the manifestation of mighty leadership both for politicians and leaders. First, as for politicians, effective communication skills help to quickly resolve unexpected crisis, strive for assistance both home and abroad, even win over the utmost support from the general public. To illustrate, almost every American president is articulate and eloquent.

Good speech-craft is one of the most significant qualities of outstanding leader, yet, not the best or sole one. Other qualities of good leaders are not far to seek. Future-mindedness, implementation capability and frustration toleration are indispensable to a prominent leader. First, true great-achievers are all far-sighted and could never fail to lead the team to the right direction, one decision-making ability decides whether team members' endeavors could have desirable return. Second, action speaks louder than words. Compared with communication skills, exceptional implementation competence could earn more respect from others and give an inspiration to the team. More precisely, a leader should work even harder if he wants to motivate his team members to work diligently. Last, it is no easy task to achieve success no matter in obtaining goals, developing careers and even constructing countries, the journey to success can be chronic and challenging, thereby, a good leader must defy hardship and danger, hack his way through difficulties and finally embark on the triumphant road.

Overall, it is my view that good speech-craft and effective communication skill are vital to a politician or leader, however, on no account can we ignore the immense value of future-mindedness, implementation capability and frustration toleration


The belief that a successful politician or leader should have at his or her disposal an array of skills should not come as a surprise. It remains arguable though, as to whether mastery of the craft of speaking is one of the most important characteristics of a successful politician. My personal take on the issue is that good communication skills are not a stand-alone skill, rather, are closely interwoven with other critical qualities that make a politician a successful one.

Some people consider Barack Obama, president of the United States, as an exemplary savvy communicator, citing his verbal eloquence that enables him to make his points crystal clear. If we take a close-up view of his communication styles, we see that he does utilize a variety of rhetorical tactics to get his message across. However, while good communication is a requirement for successful leadership, an accomplished political candidacy also thrives upon other key qualities such as accountability, decisiveness, and flexibility.

Accountability figures heavily in successful leadership since after all, leaders are humans and are thus fallible by nature. Leaders who own up to their own mistakes and accept responsibility for their own failures are more likely to take efficient measures to remedy the situation. Moreover, accountability builds credibility and trust, which serve as the foundation to evoke confidence and respect from those around the leader.

Decisiveness is another important quality of a successful leader because leaders are frequently confronted with complex situations where timely yet tough decisions have to be made. Take the year of 2008 as an example, the subprime mortgage troubles, rising oil prices, capricious stock markets, all made it a volatile year for a political leader to navigate through. Decisiveness is particularly called upon during unpredictable times like this, as unreasonably prolonging the decision-making process will only do more harm than good.

Flexibility for a political leader enables him or her to comprehend the give-and-take aspects of politics. Rather than taking a microscopic view of the situation, a flexible leader listens carefully to all sides of the issue and is able to take in stride criticism and setbacks. Not every problem calls for the same solution. Staying open-minded increases a leader’s likelihood in finding the optimal solution in different situations.

Taken together, good communication skills lead to successful leadership when, and only when, it is coupled with other qualities such as accountability, decisiveness, and flexibility. As the saying goes, words are cheap; actions are what count.


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