2014/12/27托福独立写作范文:Young people today are more likely to help others than young people in the past

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Young people today are more likely to help others than young people in the past. (14.12.27)










People always regard helping as a virtue. Schools and families educate children that it is everyone’s responsibility to offer helping to those in difficult situations. However, with economic prosperity, people pay more attention to materials and individual success, leading the young generation more selfish than before. From my perspective, actually young people today are not as warm-hearted as their counterparts in the past.

Firstly, children today are more inclined to be spoiled. When people’s lives become more wealthy and affluent, they do as much as they can to create a perfect environment for their next generation. Too much love and care from parents gradually let young people develop a sense of superiority without knowing how to respect and help others. I often observe in buses that young people sit in the seats reserved for senior citizens. Even though a senior citizen standing beside them, they pretend to be sleeping or reading something from their phones, ignoring their obligation to offer chairs to those in need.

Secondly, we cannot overlook the fact that the pressure young people face today is unprecedentedly high which deprives them of the time to think about helping others. As is known to all, students need to work very hard in competing against their peers in order to get access to good universities. After graduation, what awaits them is not a relaxing life but more fierce competition for better job opportunities. Such a stressful lifestyle makes them feel less compelled to help others.

Admittedly, it is not fair to say that all young people keep themselves away from doing something beneficial for others. In fact, there are many school volunteer programs that dedicate to assisting people in need. However, quite a few charitable and volunteer activities conducted by young people are out of practical purposes. Some people do it for gaining extra credits while others want to make their resume more attractive by adding those experiences.

All in all, today’s young people are less willing to help others than previous generations because they are in a different period of time. Despite the fact that they are born to be less warm-hearted, our society still needs to make efforts to improve this situation.


In contemporary society, there is a growing tendency that people are less and less concerned about others’business,which has aroused deeply social concern. Therefore, when it comes to the issue whether it becomes less likely for youngsters today to help others than their counterparts in the past, people varying in personalities and ages view the same issue from different angles. However, as far as I am concerned, young people today are less likely to help others than the young were in the past, due to the limited spare time they possessed and the fierce competition they are involved in。

To begin with, there is no denying that the less free time owned by the young people will reduce the likelihood that they help others, which particularly applies to the students in school。As we know, the increasingly heavy study burden has dramatically decreased the leisure time of students。 According to a survey conducted by Education Ministry of China, the time students spent on learning in 2014 was more than 8 hours per day, while this figure in 1994 was only 6 hours every day. The great differences in the two figures clear ly demonstrate that student’s study time has increased a lot, which in turn decreased their free time. And less free time means that students have fewer chances to provide help to others. Therefore, the decrease in the free time of young people has made it less possible to help others。

Furthermore, the more fierce competition nowadays is another factor which makes young people less likely to help others。One defining character of people is the degree to which they tend to care more about their own interests in a competition。Job hunting is a good case in point. Just imagine that there are 10 candidates competing for one position, which means that the winner has to outcompete the others. Obviously, each candidate would regard others as his enemies instead of friends, thus providing no help for the other one. However, in the past, the competition was not so fierce as it is today. As a result, the youngsters treated others more friendly 。Thus, helping others is becoming less and less possible for young people today because of the more competitive environment.

Judging from what has been discussed above, we can draw the conclusion that young people today are less likely to assist others than they were in the past, on account of the limited leisure time they owned and the fierce competition they are involved。


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