2014/12/14托福独立写作范文:The way a person is dressed in is a good indication of his/her personality

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2014年12月14日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the statement: The way a person is dressed in is a good indication of his/her personality.














To some, clothes are everything. These people closely follow the latest fashions and take great pride in looking put-together. To others, clothes serve merely a functional purpose. These people regard clothing as practical possessions and nothing more. Most people fall somewhere in between these two perspectives, and I think that looking at how they dress can tell you a lot about what kind of people they are.

This is clearly evident in working situations. Is the person’s working uniform dirty, wrinkled, and messily worn? Or is it pristine and cared for, and seemingly worn with pride? By taking a look at one’s work clothes, you can tell what kind of character they have when it comes to work. Those who are dedicated and proud of their jobs will keep their outfits in good condition, whereas those who have little care for their jobs will reflect that attitude through their uniform. This type of rule also applied in office environments. If professional dress is mandatory, then the ones who care the most will be the ones most impeccably dressed--they will be sporting fresh-looking ties, well-ironed shirts and lovingly-maintained shoes.

You can also tell a lot about a person by the type of clothes they wear when at home. Are they wearing old, comfortable sweatpants, or tight fashionable jeans? Those who are more tightly wound and care a lot about fashion may be well-dressed all the time, while those who are more laid-back and casual will take the chance to wear more relaxed. Thomas, a friend of mine, is the type of person who wears casual but good-looking clothing everywhere he goes. He will often wear the same coat to work as what he wears at home. That’s acceptable since he works at a kindergarten and he has to be comfortable playing with kids all day. Just by looking at his clothing, you can deduce that he’s a down-to-earth and a warm person.

Admittedly, you cannot judge a person only by their clothing. Young people, for example, will often change their looks from month to month and year to year because they are in the process of discovering themselves. The impression you get from their dressing may not be accurate at some time. However, after someone is past this period of time in their life, clothing can be a fairly reliable indicator of who they as a person because their lives will follow a far more regular routing.

Clothing can tell us a lot about an individual. Looking at how someone dresses at work or at home can give you insight into their attitudes and the type of person they are.


Fine feather makes fine birds,which means that a well-dressed people never fails to leave the fondest impression on people around him or her. Some people assert that a person’s personality can be indicated by how he or she dresses. Perhaps no issue has led to such an endless debate as to whether or not a person’s character could be perfectly reflected by his or her appearance. As I see it, even though what one wears can convey some information about his or her character, a man must not be judged by his appearance.

Indeed, I have to concede that a neat appearance is an embodiment of a person’s qualities and personalities. For example, a passionate person tends to wear trendy and bright-colored clothes. Conversely, a quiet person likes to wear simple and light-colored clothes. Another positive aspect is that a well-dressed person is, in most cases, a respectable and well-mannered person,then,it will make people around him feel at ease, therefore, he is,in most people’s eyes,easy to associate and communicate with.

Notwithstanding all that, we have to remember the old saying that we can never judge a book by its cover, so does the person. Some people have to dress the uniform when they embark on work, in this case, it seems that they look like conservative individuals, whereas they have distinct personalities, some are extraverted while others are introverted. Moreover, a person who is impoverished may fail to afford up-market clothes with his limited money, but it doesn’t mean that he is not a benevolent person. More precisely, he may be more humane and tender-hearted than a gentleman who looks graceful.

Another convincing argument could also be easily explored. Most superstars seem to be very passionate and enthusiastic when they are presenting a performance in public, virtually, they are not all that kind of people. Some of them actually are quiet people who love to be in a silent atmosphere and live a simple life. So, appearance of a person cannot always indicate his or her personality.

In the final analysis, my stand is that a person’s personality cannot be merely judged by his or her outlooks. The initial impression sometimes might be misleading, it is highly recommended to judge a person after long period of observation.


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