2014/12/13托福独立写作:Students today are more interested in politics than in the past

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2014年12月13日托福独立写作范文:Do you agree or disagree with the statement: Students today are more interested in politics than in the past.现在的学生比过去的学生对政治感兴趣










What do you think is the coolest topic among adolescents? Internet games? Comics? Sports idols? Yes, those are their most common conversations for casual time, but in serious situations, such as in a speech, a debate or a school election, all those recreational topics can’t be up to par. They prefer to talk about things with public concerns to demonstrate their originality and ingenuity, so political events are second choices to none. Proceeding from this, students nowadays have more interest in politics than before.

First, it’s easier for students to concern about politics in this era than in the past. We have to admit that Internet has brought a thorough revolution in people’s life, which offers more access to global information. Events, no matter where they happen, can spread to every corner of the world as quick as possible. American presidential election can be a good example. Technically, it’s just a run concerned by Americans and has an effect on the U.S. But nowadays, people all over the world can get the updated information. Young people, especially students in school, are the group with more interest in it. They think the U.S president’s perspective can influence the world situation, balance relations among countries. In a narrow sense, it will influence their opportunities of overseas study. And at least, students who want to improve English can learn a lot from the election speech.

School atmosphere is also groundwork for students to get interested in politics. For an academic reason, if a student wants to be a curve wrecker, he is required to have comprehensive acknowledgement in addition to all-around subject knowledge, so he should pay attention to current events, which definitely include political incidents. For a personal reason, teenagers all want to be influential in a circle. Apart from handsome appearance, athletic body and outstanding scores, unique style of conversation can attract most too. Can you make a picture? A good-looking boy stands on the stage but makes a shallow and boring speech, or a boy with plain appearance talks about world peace with an example that Pope John Paul II declined a private visit of Dalailama. Which one is more attractive? So when students focus on politics, it offers them interesting topics. And in a long term, their logical and analytic abilities are improved, which helps them become more charming, it is a virtuous circle. No wonder students are more interested in politics.

The world we are living in is totally different from the world in the past, young people see differently, concern differently and talk differently. Students pay more attention to politics, since they think politics is no longer a thing out of reach and they realize that political events do influence personal life.


Recently an interesting question has aroused attention among the society: in modorn times, are students more interested in politics than before? Answers vary from one person to another. Some people claim that due to the access of political imformation through media, students have a lot more enthusiasm about politics while others do not think that students are really concerned about it. The way I see it, students show little interest in political affairs. My reasons and examples are given below.

Firstly, the progress of modern media contributes enormously to students’ freedom of information selection, which just distracts students’ attentions from politics. Certainly, modern people, especially the youngsters are buried in the sea of information. Every day various information on entertainment keeps popping out, catching students’ eyes. By comparison, political information is more likely to be dull and tedious, which can hardly be attractive to students. For example, compared with the celebrity gossip or the information about some famous stars’ concert, not many students would like to pay close attention to the Sino-Japanese relations.

Secondly, students now are too busy with their academic study to show solicitude for politics. A sad fact is that the cut-throat social competition has spread to students in a much more intense way. Confronted with the white-hot competition from all walks of life, students can only spend more time on their study, hoping good academic performance can earn them a future. On account of this, students are left in no mood for politics with the heavy burden and mental pressure. A good case in point is my nephew. He is facing the pressure of college entrance examination, so every evening he would spend two to three hours on his review and homework, hardly having any time for the evening news.

Admittedly, not all the students are not interested on politics. For instance, there are some students who like posting comments about political events on the internet. However, this kind of students are aways a minority in the population as a whole.

In conclusion, students today are not as interested in politics as before. Owing to the limitation of room, I am unable to give more examples but I believe that the two causes mentioned above have already proven the validity of my viewpoint.


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