2014/12/6托福独立写作:Being creative, rather than planning carefully more often results in the best solution of a problem

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2014年12月6日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the statement: Being creative, rather than planning carefully more often results in the best solution of a problem. 本次考试分为AB卷。










All of us will encounter numerous problems in our life. To solve these problems, some people prefer to use creativity when meeting with trouble, while others are willing to plan carefully to tackle them. Both of the two strategies are adopted extensively, in my opinion, however, the latter one is more effective in solving problems.

Most importantly, a well-planned solution makes it helpful and practical in tackling problems. When people sort out all the indispensible steps needed in problem-solving, they can tell whether these steps, in other words, the solution, can be put into practice. On the contrary, a creative idea cannot guarantee itself the best solution. Without efficient organization, creativity may sometimes lead to fruitless results. For example, in the pursuit of flying in the sky, there used to be a lot of creative ideas in human history. However, none of these ideas resulted in successful outcome since they didn’t take technological factors into account.

Moreover, the real cause of a problem can be found in a careful plan. To solve problems with complex causes, we usually need detailed planning and checking rather than a creative mind. For a doctor, when facing a patient with a symptom of flu, he will not just prescribe some cold medicines to the patient. Instead, he will ask the patient to undergo a series of check-ups such as blood test or X ray. The check-ups are equal to careful planning before making the right decision.

It is sure that creativity can also be beneficial. It does have its values. Under some circumstances, creative ideas can contribute a lot in solving problems when conventional methods are proved to be useless. Nevertheless, planning carefully should still be considered as the main approach towards problems since it is more widely used and proved to be more efficient.

In a word, making a plan is a scientific method in analyzing difficult situations and can make us find out the key in solving problems. Although creativity is also helpful, planning cannot be replaced as it is a more effective and commonly used problem-solving skill in our daily life.


If I were asked which weapon I prefer to use to win a battle—shield or spear, I think I would lose using any weapon alone. It can be vividly compared to this topic. When finding solutions to a problem, a careful plan is like a strong shield protecting us from going into chaos, while creativity is like a sharp spear helping us solve problems efficiently. We need both of them.

To begin with, let’s look at the importance of being creative. On the one hand, being creative can help people think out of the box and find effective solutions. On the other hand, without ideas coming from creative thinking, plan can be nothing but a mere scrape of paper. Here is an example of being creative. Back to the years when online trading was not so prevailing as it is today, most books were sold in bookshops. As a result, there was a limited space to store books and a limited radius of potential customers. To solve such problems, Amazon decided to store their books in large warehouses and sell them on the Internet. In this way, they can offer a greater selection of books at a lower cost and to more people. This creative idea not only solved the problems of limited space of storage, but also made Amazon.com a success in an already competitive market.

However, most of the time, creativity alone cannot guarantee a best solution. Creative ideas need to be organized and planned carefully to be effective. Planning is leveraged time. Several minutes planning before tackling a problem can improve our productivity and efficiency greatly. Lacking this step, any good idea from brainstorm may be fruitless. Here is an example of my own. At the end of every semester, I always run into a rushing time, because I have to prepare for the examinations, finish several papers, and close some research report. It is quite easy to get lost in such a busy time. Thus, I started to learn planning strategically to improve my efficiency. I would establish a “to do” list according to priorities of things and tick off the items as I move forward. In this way, I can manage my time and solve multiple problems at the same time.

In conclusion, I would like to quote a saying from General Eisenhower, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” If we plan without being creative, it is certainly meaningless. The best solution to a problem always comes up when planning carefully and thinking creatively work together.


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