2014/11/8托福独立写作范文:Getting advice from older friends is more valuable than from the friends of the same age as yours

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2014年11月8日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Getting advice from older friends is more valuable than from the friends of the same age as yours.










When we are young, our life is simple and easy, the most worries for us is which lollipop should be saved to the last or how to win a matchbox from a friend. But when growing up, we have to face a brunch of complicated situations, job application, career choice, office rivalship and love relation, choices can never be as clear as to choose A or B on a test paper. Immersed in hardship, we hunger for useful advice, which mostly from older friends rather than from peers.

There’s no doubt that elders have more living experience than young people, which means a difficult situation you face for the first time may be an easy cake for them. Career choice is one dilemma young people face when they graduate from a university. Assuming that two job offers are in front, one is from a big joint venture but the salary is relatively low, the other is from a small private firm, while the position and salary they offered is much tempting. As a green finger, young man may take the second offer due to vanity, but if he can consult with elders, he can realize the risk in choosing a small private company, as when the whole industry goes downtown, small businesses are certain to die out. Advice from the older friend usually leads to a good consequence.

Another difficult situation most young people have to face is love relation. When hormone plays a leading role in a love relation, young people may ignore education degree, family background and social hierarchy. However, will the relation remain stable? Frankly speaking, my answer is a definite “no”. Appearance determines the formation of a love relationship, but whether these two persons have common topics, close concepts and similar values decides whether their relationship can last long and healthy. In this situation, counsels from the elder may calm your fever and guide you a direct relation.

Suggestion from older people may sound out of date or too realistic to accept in some way, but I do believe what they experienced can benefit young people, just like an ancient proverb, “who will not ruled by the rudder must be ruled by the rock.”


【首段】 背景介绍 + 争议焦点 + 作家立场

A close friend is what every individual longs after. After all, a day without friendship is like a day without sunshine. A true friend should be one from who we can resort to for help or get valuable suggestions when we are in time of adversity. People differ greatly in their views as to whether or not guidance and advice from older friends is superior to the counterparts from peers. As I see it, advice from elderly friends deserves more praises, although suggestions from our peers are never without their merits.


For a start,rich life experience could be seen as a sort of precious wealth, including those bitter or frustrating experiences. Every individual grows up via experiencing failure or dilemma, one might,at times,feel puzzled,thereby,he or she needs advice and guidance from friends.

Under such circumstances, older friends could be our best teachers because they have accumulated a pool of life wisdom, thus, their advice could be precious life guidance. A survey is persuasive enough to justify my stand, the survey conducted by Vista, after consulting many people have found that most respondents claimed that compared with communicating with peers, they prefer to get advice from elderly friends, for their suggestions could help to diminish the likelihood of failure and avoid detours


This debate reminds me of my Uncle Paul, who is a successful business leader. My uncle had studied in New Zealand for more than five years, so, he strongly recommended me to study abroad when facing with the option of studying at home or furthering my study in a foreign country. His suggestion was that a young man could become mature, tenacious and confident by personal struggle in an unfamiliar environment.

After listening to my uncle’s advice, I studied even harder during the process of self-improvement, I happily found that I can be more attentive and have more self-discipline. More importantly, I had a clear goal to fight for. It was the suggestion form my uncle that helps me to hardened my heart to study overseas. I had deliberately chosen to lead the life I desire, for the life wisdom learning from my uncle could be considered as a shortcut to success.


Indeed, I have to concede that suggestions from peers might still their merits to some extent. An argument hold by some people is that people of the similar age have a lot in common such as growth environment or educational background, in this sense, their communication could be more convincing.

Furthermore, some people might argue that the experiences of past bear little relevance to today’s life. What I want to rebut,however,is that youngster’s understanding about life is far from mature compared with those from older friends, after all, older friends are more far-sighted and wise.


In closing, I re-affirm my conviction that guidance and suggestions from mature friends expert a far more profound and beneficial effect on one’s action.


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