2014/10/26托福独立写作:Because modern life is complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

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2014年10月26日托福独立写作:Because modern life is complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.

天道智思托福培训 教研组提供的解题思路:要有计划的能力








Currently, a controversial issue over whether it is necessary for the young to gain the ability to plan and organize because of the increasing complexity of the modern society has brought into the spotlight. Some may advocate that there is no need for the young to master the skills concerning plan and organization since most of them deal with things at will. However, I disagree with this point and I believe that facing with the complex and complicated society, we must obtain the ability to plan and organize.

First and foremost, for the youth, being capable of planning and organizing is beneficial for them to become more efficient so as to cope with more things during the same period. As we all know, after graduation, most of us want to be offered a decent and suitable job. However, within thousands of candidates, how can you become remarkable enough to be chosen from eventually? Definitely, the answer is that compared with others, you must finish a large amount of tasks assigned by the manager efficiently and effectively during the limited time. Furthermore, in order to complete tasks with high efficiency, it is crucial for us to develop the plan and organize skills such as writing the most important thing and the least significant things in order, making a schedule for one day from 7.am to 9.am as well as leaving some extra time ahead to deal with something beyond prediction. As a result, mastering such kind of skills, we can handle our work in an organized and efficient way.

On the other hand, for the youth, the ability of planning and organizing acts as an irreplaceable contributor for them to realize their initiative dreams. Considering that confronted with the modern society which is occupied with a large amount of troubles and difficulties for the youth, few of us will stick to our original goals and devote ourselves to struggling for it. Nevertheless, with a blueprint for the whole life and the detailed steps organized and planned by ourselves from a young age, we may have enough confidence and practical method to stick the original aims and accumulate the valuable experience to achieve the final success. According to a research conducted by a panel of expert in the USA among a group of students graduated from the Harvard universities, an obvious conclusion is revealed that most of the successful people among these students are those who are excellent in planning and organizing.

Taking into consideration of all the factors, we may reach a conclusion that it is significant for us to master the planning and organization skills.


Needless to say the ability to plan and organize has always been essential, however, these days the methods used to plan and organize our daily lives have changed. Our world has become more business oriented and being late is unacceptable in most social environments.Whether you are young or old there is no question that planning and organizing is essential, that being said I completely agree with the above statement.

I was born in the late 80’s, and when I grew up I remember seeing a lot of people using small calendars to take notes, I also remember seeing a watch on almost everyone’s wrist. Those were the tools needed to stay organized in the past, no one would use their cell phone to plan anything because those functions were virtually non-existent.

Unfortunately, as our society has evolved into a more materialistic and developed version of our past society, people have become too reliant on technology. For example, it has become virtually impossible to keep a conversation going between friends without someone fiddling with their cell phone or someone answering a phone call. Alarm clocks and other devices with power cords are basically non-existent and the use of wireless devices are on the rise.

When we use our phone as our personal assistant there are way too many potential problems. Being late because the alarm didn’t go off due to our phones running out of battery and missing a meeting because we put something in our calendar and forgot about it are just two examples. Compared to in the past I would say that we have become more disorganized. In order to solve this issue I believe that we need to start planning and organizing like we did in the past. Bring back the paper calendars with the big red circles marking important events and start using old-school alarm clocks that literally makes you jump out of bed at the moment it goes off!

To conclude, having the ability to plan and organize is definitely an essential skill. In order to improve our ability to do that, we should become less reliant on technology and start using less convenient but more effective methods, or at least make sure that our phones are fully charged (or charging) when we go to bed.(387words)


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