2014/9/27托福独立写作:Universities should require all their students to learn about foreign cultures as well as their own culture

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2014年9月27日托福独立写作题目:Universities should require all their students to learn about foreign cultures as well as their own culture.

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b.运动方式: 通过逛博物馆,了解当地人的生活习惯和一些运动的习俗,就可以了解他们的运动方式


What is the best way to learn about a country? For a country like China that boasts over 5000 years of history, many suggest that in order to have a better comprehension of the country, people should visit museums. However, I believe there are some alternative choices better than simply visiting museums.

First of all, museums often fail to reflect the contemporary traits in a country’s modern history. Most museums, no matter art or architect museums, attempt to focus more on the relics or artifacts of ancient times. Undeniably, paying a visit to museums can improve foreigners’ or tourists’ aesthetic appreciation and facilitate their better understanding of a country’s historical relics. Yet it has a limitation. By only including ancient works like papermaking or major historical events like “May 4th movement”, museums somewhat overlook some more important elements that help define modern China. Answers to questions like: “How did the Chinese society transformed radically from a backward one into an enlightened one? How was the traditional value of Chinese civilization passed on to the next generation?” can not be found in museums.

Compared with visiting museums, I find the best way to foster better knowledge of a country is through news report and communication. This is because news broadcast or newspapers can deliver first-hand and immediate reports on a variety of counts, from the latest political decisions of President Xi to the phenomenal success of Jay Chou’s concert. Different sections of newspaper can cater to the individual reader’s interest. What’s more, by conversing with local people, a newcomer from a foreign country can have quick acquaintance with local people’s lifestyle and personality. Whether they are hospitable or indifferent, knowledgeable or ignorant, polite or ill-mannered, all these traits can be mirrored through the process of a conversation.

Therefore, despite all the merits of a museum-visiting experience can bring, I believe that museums only stand as the representation of a country’s past tense, and that it is more important for us to know about the country present situation and the people there via news and conversation.


The approaches to learn about another country can vary from person to person. People varying in different personalities and characteristics tend to have distinctive strategies to learn the culture of another country. When it comes to the question of whether visiting museum is the best way to learn about a country, I, personally, think it is an overstatement since there are a galaxy of more effective and thrilling ways to learn about a foreign country.

First off, one can utilize the internet to search information and even find a pen pal to learn about a country, which is far more direct than visiting museums. With the advent of state-of-the-art technologies and the invention of cutting-edge technological gadgets like tablet, laptop, and even a smart phone, one can easily find relevant information about another culture. To be more specific, one can look up webpages that are dedicated to introduce specific parts of a foreign culture, like the fashion, politics, entertainment and art. Vivid pictures and videos depicting the local people’s ways of living and mindsets are available as long as one is willing to put some effort to do the research. Plus, one can find people from cultures all around the world on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. By friending them on these on-line social networks, one can communicate with them directly like sending messages or even facetiming with them, which is more interactive and thrilling.

Additionally, one can take a trip or join exchange programs to get first-hand exposure to the culture of a foreign country. As the saying goes: “the world is a book; those who do not travel read only a page”. Indeed, there are so much one can explore when traveling abroad. When traveling, you can take your time and interact with the local people. In this process, you can get to know their ways to deal with people and get exposures to their perspectives and philosophies about life. Plus, you can explore the local cuisines like the Thai pad thai, Italian pizza, Belgian macaroons and Chinese dumplings you find on your travels. Cuisine culture is also a big part of a country and the flavor of Thai paid thai is definitely not the same from the one you tried in your home country, obviously, it tastes more genuine from the place of its origin.

Admittedly, one can get a chance to appreciate the cultural relics and the local artworks in the museum, however these antiques are only representations of the past and they don’t reflect much about the current culture of the country.

In a nutshell, visiting museum is definitely not the best way to learn about a country since utilizing the internet and traveling to the country in person is far better and more direct ways to learn a country.


With the rapid development of globalization, people are becoming more interested in learning about other countries. When discussing approaches to know around a country, an issue that whether visiting museums is the best way to learn a country was raised. About this question, different people have different points of view. However, in my opinion, People can not definitely recognize the culture and history of a country through the museum.

First of all, museum is purposed to welcome people to find country tracks or its relics by watching artifacts or art matters within. Obviously, visiting museum and appreciating various collections is an exactly convenient way to research on the country where it has been built because such substances like worldly famous drawing or excavated antiques are recorded to tell us what this country had experienced or from drawing how art genre had changed. Even findings from the museum, yet it has restraints. On one hand, for instance, we could learn the royal management from museum culture express like jade sculptured with dragon, but even anecdotes could hardly be seen to find how peasants at that time to select seeds for next year's plantation as its trivia. On the other hand, even though piles and stacks of collecting in a museum they are seen as one aspect of country far less than the whole. As a result, since only certain fields of country learn in museum, visiting museum might not be the key to learn about country.

What's more, as the time goes by, visiting museum could only help us to learn the country in past because many materials exhibited which just reflect culture, ancestor's lifestyle and history, but not tell us what happen in today. For example, abacus could be seen from museum, which not only stands by Chinese calculating developments and invention, but also was used by landlords to deal with peasants' harvests and incomes. However, now as the digital era when people are more interested in handling highly accurate computers and less interested in operating on wood-made abacus, the latter could, no longer, reflect this country changes in last decades of years. Therefore, museum is served as country's yesterday once more, but not as best learning for the country.

Finally, as to learn about country multiply, printing and presses seem to be the first choice because the country is often marked by the integrity of cultures, ideas, country defense, laws and constitution, publicly healthy care, and so forth. Though reading books consumes a lot of time and energy, none is as directly to realize the knowledge of country as it. Additional, traveling is another action to learn about a country. As example, many developed countries hold students to go aboard in order to realize a foreign country in personal.

To sum up, visiting a museum might learn about country. But it does not equate to can learn the culture of a whole nation. In order to understand respective of the country, we can query in all kinds of related books.


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