2014/8/23/托福独立写作: Although science and technology will continue to improve, the most significant improvement for the quality of people's lives has already taken place

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2014年8月23日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Although science and technology will continue to improve, the most significant improvement for the quality of people's lives has already taken place. 


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It has been argued that despite the continued advancement of science and technology, our lives have changed in a way that is more tremendous than ever. I, however, disagree.

First, environmental problems are still on the waiting list. Technology-dominated industrialization has generated such problems as global warming, acid rain and urban smog, all of which have given rise to a series of adverse effects—climate change, death of aquatic life and respiratory diseases. Although the quality of life has improved, there are still many things that could be improved in China, like safety and living conditions. If the most significant transformation in living standards has taken place, how is it possible that ecocide is still a real and ever-present danger?

Second, world peace still hangs by a thread. Take the Iraq War for example. It broke out eight years ago and since then Iraqis have been living in hell. Their homes are torched and destroyed and their families have been torn apart. It is certain that they have not received all the benefits of advanced technology. Superpowers are busy with nuclear experiments, but this advanced technology has brought anything but world peace. If the most significant transformation in living standards has taken place, how is it possible that some people on this planet are still in great agony?

Last, the pace of life is increasingly faster and shows no sign of slowing down. Undoubtedly, development in IT industries and communication devices has enabled people to enjoy more convenient lives. However, it is also the seemingly almighty technologies that have put people in suffering. Wherever you go, cell phones make it possible for your boss to spot you and give you more work, whether you like it or not. Computers, which give companies the ability to teleconference and conduct online interviews, have turned our homes into a mere extension of our offices. If the most significant transformation in living standards has taken place, how is it possible that people now are still suffering from deprived sleep, unbalanced diet and strained family relations?

All in all, science and technology have been and will continue to develop, but the fundamental transformation of our lives has not yet taken place.


Science and technology are the pivotal motivation that keeps human beings making progress. Countless invention including steam engines, blub, television, computer, mobile phone has improved people’s life greatly. Although we cannot predict the future of science and technology, one thing I can make sure is that they can continually improve the quality of people’s lives in a more significant way than in the past.

First of all, new breakthrough in medical science will allow people to finally eradicate some severe disease such as cancer, AIDS and so on. Although health and sanitary condition has been improved considerably recently thanks to the modern medical technology such as organ transplant and genetic engineering and so on, doctors still don’t have enough ability to cure some fatal diseases. There are still numerous people are suffering cancer or AIDS in every corner of world. However, with the development of more mature theories research and more and more scholars will engaged in medical science areas, I maintain that human being are capable enough to overcome the huge obstacles in medical science in the future. Definitely such breakthroughs are significant and meaningful for human beings.

What’s more, the development of technology also brings environment degradation, which is regard as the most complex problem in modern society. For example, the number of automobiles has soared dramatically over the past 40 years which lead to the global warming. Although some scientist are involved in the research of environment-friendly vehicles, most of them still at the experiment stage and it will take a very long to achieve to mass production. Therefore, only when more environment-friendly cars are available, the tendency of global warming can be effectively restricted. I maintain that with more researches are conducted in this area, people will be able to solve this complicated problem, and will experience more wonderful life in the future.

Last but not least, if people will not make huge progress in the future, many countries are no need to invest lots of money on space shuttle programs and scientists also no need to devote themselves in this area. I think many elites in those countries have realized the long-term benefits, and then they suggest their country to spend a great deal of money to put in this area.

All in all, I totally disagree with that the most significant improvement for the quality of people’s lives have already take place.


Science discovers new ways to save lives, enjoy life, and help create life, while technology supplies science with the tools needed to do so. The development of science and technology in the past century has dramatically changed way people live. Although it is difficult to predict exactly how they will impact our world in the future, one thing I’m quite sure about is that they will continue to improve people’s quality of lives in much more significant ways than in the past.

New breakthroughs in medical science will allow humans to finally eradicate diseases that have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives every year in the past decades. Although health and sanitary conditions of humans have improved considerably thanks to modern medical technologies such as immunization vaccines and organ transplant, a few diseases are still considered fatal at the present, including AIDS and cancer. However, research into genetics and stem cells have already made huge progress and will enable us to prevent the contraction of such diseases and successfully cure them if they occur.

Telecommunication is the second area where improvement of people’s life is most likely to be seen. When Alexander Bell first invented the telephone, he would never have imagined that millions of teenagers would have their own multifunctional mobile phones two centuries later. Today, when we are already enjoying fast and instant communication and information processing are still offering new possibilities for improving the speed and quality, as well as reducing the cost of such communications. One newspaper report I just read said that mobile phone networks in China will be able to provide internet speeds up to 16 times faster than current technologies after the introduction of 4G network, and that’s only about one or two years from now.

The above are two examples of how developments in science and technology will continue to bring significant improvements to people’s lives. Indeed, there are countless other areas where the brightest ideas and innovations in science and technology are revolutionizing the way people live by making it healthier, better and more enjoyable.

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