2014/7/12托福独立写作:People should take several different kinds of job before they take a career in a long term

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2014年7月12日托福独立写作题目:Do you think that young people should have several different types of jobs before they decide on a long-term career? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.










The question of whether one should have several different types of jobs before they decide on a long-term career has always been asked. Each approach poses advantages as well as disadvantages. Some contend that concentrating on one job sector should take priority over exploring many jobs. However, I strongly believe that having experience in many types of jobs is necessary in today’s society because various fields are interrelated with one another. Moreover, sampling different jobs is a great way to determine a person’s true interests. This will help them determine what career path is right for them.

To being with, many skills learned are transferable to other jobs. For example, if a student is able to work at a fast-food chain restaurant and learn customer service skills, these skills could be very useful if the person decides to make a career in sales or customer management. The skills learned at the restaurant would help the person better understand customer needs, expectations, and the demands of working in a customer-facing industry. Thus, certain skills will easily transfer to other roles and will be very useful for people when they finally settle on a career choice.

Furthermore, trying different jobs before finally settling on a career is a great way to determine a person’s interests. Take my friend for example. He had many different jobs when he was in school – chef, landscaper, librarian, and waiter – and these experiences really helped him determine what exactly he wanted to do with his life. He told me that the diversity of work experiences he accumulated opened his eyes to his true calling. Although some people would argue that he wasted a lot of time working at jobs that had no bearing on his current career, I believe that the valuable experiences helped him tremendously.

It is true that concentrating on one industry or one career helps a person acquire in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific area. However, having diverse work experiences allows people to accumulate diverse jobs skills which can be applied to future careers. Additionally, having several different types of jobs before settling on a career helps people determine the best career that suits them.


第一, 接触了更多工作才能知道自己最爱及最适合的工作。

第二, 做不同的工作可以长知识,锻炼个人能力

The younger generation is now offered with a wide array of choices when it comes to career selection. A common dilemma is whether to take many different jobs before they take a lifelong one. While some graduates may jump to pursue their ideal career without hesitation, the other option, which is to take some other jobs for a start, seems to be more appealing and rewarding.

Firstly, working experience of diversified jobs facilitates future career orientation. Frequently, students who have just graduated from university have no clear clue about the required skills and different tasks associated with a certain job. Taking a profession as a teacher demands in-depth academic knowledge, great patience and scientific teaching methods; whereas a job as an accountant may require ability to handle complicated figures and even a good command at computer. Only by familiarizing oneself with different jobs can people be capable of making reasonable decisions about the job he prefers to do in the long run. My sister Lucy is a case in point. She started her first job as a white-collar worker in Human Resources department in a renowned cosmetic company. This job didn’t meet her expectation and then she decided to quit, becoming a civil servant at local government months later. Again, it wasn’t long before her resignation and finally found a job she loves and suits as a kindergarten teacher. Life is not a straight-line path, but a road full of twists and turns. It always takes some detours and time for us to find the right path and the most suitable job.

Secondly, taking different jobs before a taking a long-term career is enrichment to one’s experience and improvement of his personal ability. Being a tour guide broadens one’ s horizon and knowledge about different culture; being a IT worker enhances one’ s ability to cope with all kinds of tricky computer problems; being a waitress or waiter polishes one’s patience and people skills, especially how to deal with angry customers who come to make a complaint. Modern society has great appetite for comprehensive talents. All the abovementioned skills acquired during different jobs make an applicant or job-seeker more competitive and qualified.

For the above reasons and consideration, I believe that taking several different kinds of job before one takes a career in a long term is a wise option

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