2014/6/29托福独立写作:To remain happy and optimistic when you fail is more important than achieving success.

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2014年6月29日托福独立写作:To remain happy and optimistic when you fail is more important than achieving success. 失败的时候保持乐观更重要。








There is a saying that says “attitude is everything.” I interpret this to mean that how people interpret experiences fundamentally determines their success and happiness. Maintaining a positive attitude when faced with challenging and difficult scenarios is crucial to achieving success. Everybody has negative experiences and it is common to blame themselves, blame life, blame anything that they can use as an excuse. Learning to remain optimistic in the face of failure and not placing the blame of failure on others is the best way to remain happy and be successful.

First of all, this would allow people to live happier and more fulfilling lives. If people constantly blame themselves or look to place the blame on other people or circumstances then they will live very stressful and unhappy lives. If, on the other hand, they are able to remain positive and optimistic when they encounter setbacks or failure, then they will be motivated to try again and achieve success. Characteristics such as optimism and positive outlooks have direct effects on happiness.

Second, people who focus solely on achieving success often do so at the expense of personal relationships. These people, whether they are driven by fame, money, or a career, frequently sacrifice friendships and family. My old basketball team is a perfect example. My team of friends played together whenever we had the chance and competed against other teams. One guy on my team was obsessed with winning and was not a graceful loser. When we lost a game, he lost his temper, blaming everybody for making errors and not playing well. This had the effect of making the whole team lose pleasure in playing basketball and ruined many friendly relationships.

Most people fail to realize that failure is not the end of the world. In reality, failure is just another opportunity to achieve success. If people maintain a positive attitude when facing failure, they will be happier in life and, in my opinion,

ultimately more successful. A positive outlook on failure and learning to accept responsibility will also help preserve valuable interpersonal relationships.


第一, 乐观的态度比简单的成功快乐更宝贵

第二, 什么是成功。成功应该是不断的自我进步,并非一定是把别人比下去。那么,为失败而气馁当然是没有必要的。因为每次失败都是进步的开始,实则应该高兴

Sample answer

Be it the CEO of a company or president of a country, everyone will inevitably encounter failure at least once or twice in his entire life. It is therefore more critical for us to learn the proper attitude to address failure rather than blindly pursue success.

First of all, the cultivation of optimism far outweighs the happiness brought by success. Being happy when you achieve success is a human instinct whereas being happy even after a crushing defeat or failure is a completely different story. Gold medal Olympic winners, such as Liu xiang, bring success and glory to their countries and themselves with his outstanding performance in the track and field competition. However, after his ankle injury, Liu was forced to quit racing temporarily. Ankle injury, as everyone can imagine, could very probably bring an end to his future Olympic achievement and be a fatal frustration for any runners. Instead of giving up, Liu responded to this crisis with optimism, persisting in his treatment and rehab program.

Secondly, the blind pursuit of success is a behavior to be condemned. Needless to say, modern society has been too success-oriented. Despite the fact that success itself has nothing wrong inherently. Contemporary people have such over-obsession with success that they have little toleration for failure. Parents send their children to the top-notch universities, anxious for their future career success; Students toil over their homework and piles of textbooks, all endeavoring to be No. 1 in their academic performance. It is rare to see someone that doesn’t crave for success. In this national or even global mania with success, what we urgently need is to stop to rescrutinize the definition and true value of “success” and “failure”. Popular perception about success is outcompeting one’s counterparts by all means, whereas I believe, the ultimate definition of success should be self-improvement and making constant progresses. If so, people should not be disappointed at some pitfalls and setbacks they encounter, for they are all stepping-stones leading to a better “you”.

To conclude, failure does not necessarily represent shame and suggests that you are a loser. Instead, it enhances your abilities and better prepares you for a more fulfilling life. What’s more, the attitude of optimism is a lifelong asset that you can pick up from past experiences of failure.


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