2014/5/11托福独立写作范文:Spending a lot of time watching sports on TV and following their favorite team will have a negative impact on one’s life

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2014年5月11日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Spending a lot of time watching sports on TV and following their favorite team will have a negative impact on one’s life. Please use specific details and examples in your answer.









I would have to fully agree with the statement that spending too much time watching sports on television and following sports teams will have a negative impact on one’s life. It is my personal opinion that overly indulging in watching sports competitions and follow teams has a negative impact on people’s personal relationships. I also feel that watching sports games all the time is a tremendous waste of time.

In my life, there are several of my former friends who watched too many sports television broadcasts and live competitions. To call them sports fanatics would be putting it mildly. Following their favorite team became an obsession and their daily life revolved around watching games. They would sacrifice time with their family or neglect work responsibilities in order to watch a game. They would wake up early or stay up late to ensure that they could watch a sporting event form beginning to end and sacrifice their health. Another aspect of this problem is the emotional attachment sports fanatics place on their team. When the team wins, they are manic and ecstatic. However, when the team loses, they become dejected and tormented. These sports fans are often too extreme in their behavior and, in my opinion, emotionally unstable.

Focusing too much time and energy in watching sporting matches is also a tremendous waste of time. Let us take baseball for example. The average game can be upwards of three hours long. In a regular season each team plays 160 games. Doing the math, we can see if a sports fan followed his or her favorite team and watched every game, this would consume 480 hours of their life. That’s 20 days! Twenty full days of their life would be lost to only watching baseball. This translates into a tremendous waste of productivity which could have been used in other areas of life. Now in the case of sports fan, it is common that they will have a favorite baseball team, a favorite football team, basketball team and so on. If they watched each teams competitions equally religiously, this would amount to a staggering waste of time.

As with any hobby or habit, moderation is the key. If people wish to follow sport teams on television or in person, I have no problem with that, so long as they remember to do so moderately and not become obsessed with the team’s performance.



thesis statement:不会产生负面影响


supporting idea 1: 对青少年来说,除了释放压力, 还可以培养体育精神(好胜、竞争、合作),这些都利于性格发展。

supporting idea 2: 对成人来说,这是一个健康的兴趣爱好,有积极向上的人生态度,还会关注健康。



Besides working, sleeping and usual daily activities, people all have a lot of time to wander around, maybe about 5 or 6 hours a day. People can arrange this time in whatever they enjoy doing. Compared with those hanging out in pubs, lingering in casinos or just curling up in a sofa, the one who enjoys sports programs on TV and chasing after athletic teams is much healthier. Be it youth or adults can benefit a lot from developing a hobby like this.

For an adolescent, watching sport games can, conspicuously, help them relief stress from study. Furthermore, there’s no denying about the benefits it can lead to on one’s personality development. When watching sports games, teenagers can see athletes’ ambition and competitiveness, which will encourage them to outdo on study. To admire a sports team, apart from these stars’ talented condition, handsome looking and glinting lifestyle, teenagers learn more about their persevering struggle and cooperative spirit, which definitely has positive influence on them. Success of the team is a good example to teach young people that “no pains, no gains.” Achievement is obtained by one’s industriousness. To understand that, these teenagers will become more active and more diligent.

For an adult, this hobby is relatively healthier than other ones, such as shopping, watching boundless but meaningless TV series or even drinking. I tend to believe that if a person can adhere to one interest from young age, chasing after a favorite sports team over half decade, that’s a marvelous feeling. The sport and the team act like an old friend, when one feel confused or depressed about crude reality, he/she may feel warm and familiar when watching a TV program or reading an article about the favorite team. Besides this important function, attention to a sport can increase one’s concern about health. It may stimulate him to work out. Doing regular exercises matters much for an adult. Don’t you think health is significant for adults?

These two aspects listed hinge on a definition of “lot of time”, 10 hours a week in watching sports games and intentional attention to a team are acceptable. Sport has long been a recreational activity among people, for it undoubtedly generates positive influence. Therefore, I do believe that watching sports games and following a favorite team contribute to merits to both young and mature people.


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