2014/4/27托福独立写作范文:Your job has more effect on your happiness than your social life does

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2014年4月27日托福独立写作题目:Your job has more effect on your happiness than your social life does.该话题与2011年12月9日的北美托福考试托福独立写作考题重复。天道智思教育为大家整理了两篇范文!









Today, everyone has a job, and everyone needs a job. Also, in a world with highly developed communication technology, social life begins to play an important role in our every life. So which one brings us more happiness? It’s really hard to tell for most people. However, in my opinion, job is always the real source of happiness, while social life can improve our life quality only when we have jobs and are able to earn money.

Job supports people’s life. Only by working, we could be repaid, and with money, we could purchase food, cloths, house and any other stuff. We even won’t live a normal life without these supplies. Especially, some people have to support their family, their parents, wife and children. Family is always the center of people’s life, and watching TV, doing sporting exercise or traveling with family members makes people feel relax and comfortable. So job gives us happiness by offering money we can spend freely. On the contrary, social life is based on our income. Think about a person who has no job and no salary. He might gain happiness by playing with his friends, talking with neighbors and so on, but this won’t last long. One day he would run out of his money and realize that his life is in a mass, all the happiness has gone away.

One of the most wonderful things for people is that they like their own job. If you have a job like this, you’d better cherish it because it could be the significant source of your happiness. And if not, try to find one. A creditable job with good pay makes people feel satisfied, secure, independent and confident about their future life. People who favor their jobs tend to be good at regular their current life and plan their future career, and lead to a success and happy life. The queen of talk show Oprah favors her career as a media player, and her humor and confidence are characters that audiences always appreciate. After decades of onerous searching and delicate planning, she now is a consultant of a magazine and leading a peaceful life on her own farm. And she says that it is her job and career who remind her that what she really wants and what is the real happiness, and thanks to the job, she has found the real meaning of life and the peace of mind. Social life might contribute to our happiness, too. However, aside friends met in our early life, most social connection are built from work, especially the jobs we are willing to devote to. In this case, we can also see the fundamental role of job.

According to above discussion, it’s safe to say that job gives more happiness to people than social life does. In a rapid developing society, we need to contribute to our city, our country, even the whole world by working hard, not just for our own happiness, but the happiness of all the human beings.


People nowadays often talk about how maintaining a healthy work-life balance is the key to finding happiness. I think that both are needed in order to be truly happy, but I am also of the opinion that one’s job affects one’s happiness more greatly than one’s social life. There are a few reasons for this.

First of all, people nowadays tend to spend more time in the workplace than in recreational social situations, so work may be a bigger factor in one's happiness just because it occupies a larger part of the day. I know of many people, for example, that work upwards of 70 hours a week. In my country this is quite normal. Averages out to a working time of 10 hours a day; assuming that most people spend about I hour commuting back and forth from work, and that they get at least 6 hours of sleep per day, that only leaves 7 hours of 'unoccupied' time at most. Realistically, errands will take up a part of that 'unoccupied' time, so the average person may only get a few hours per day to pursue their social life. A person's work life may thus dwarf their social life.

Second of all, jobs are in many ways what enable you to have a social life in the first place. In order to go out and do things you need money, and in order to get money, you need to work. How interesting and fulfilling would a person's social life be if that person couldn't go out to restaurants and movies, or take trips to faraway places? I'd bet that person's life would be pretty uneventful and boring. A well-paying job gives you more freedom to pursue interests and activities you enjoy with the people you love.

Admittedly, a good job can probably never fully replace a fulfilling social life. At the end of the day, we are social creatures. Though getting by despite having a poor social life is certainly possible, I firmly believe that every person needs a satisfying social life in order to be truly happy. However, this doesn't mean that social lives affect your happiness more than jobs do. A social life will not by itself make you truly happy either. People are also creatures that crave progress, and having a job is one of the most straightforward ways to pursue progress.

Work not only takes up more of a person's day than his or her social life, it in some sense is also what enables someone to have a social life in the first place. A good job could never fully replace a good social life, of course, but neither could a good social life replace a good job; both are fundamental to a person's happiness. Still, in the end, our modern way of living dictates that our jobs will have a greater effect on our happiness than our social lives do.


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