2014/3/16托福独立写作范文:It is easier to be well-educated today than it is in the past

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2014年3月16日托福独立写作题目:Do you agree or disagree?It is easier to be well-educated today than it is in the past。










1. 观点: 现今社会更容易获得良好的教育

2. 论点a: 教育政策的实施使每个人都有获得教育的机会

3. 论点b: 人们观点的进步使人们愿意在教育上做更多的投入

4. 论点c: 获得教育的途径较以前更多

5. 结尾

With the arrival of the 21st century, life has dramatically changed in many aspects in comparison to that in the past, patterns of socializing, methods of communication and ways of interaction. People may not feel adaptive and comfortable to all these changes, but, in terms of education, I think, most of people will agree that it’s easier to get good education than before.

First, this progress is contributed to the policy of 9-year compulsory education, which formulates that people in certain ages have the right to get free education in primary and junior middle schools. In order to implement this policy, the government inputs a great amount of human and financial resources to build schools and improve teachers’ quality. And we can see achievements in this field. In the past, only people with financial conditions were able to go to schools, but nowadays, all people, whether rich or poor, can study in schools. So, it’s easier for people to get education.

Another reason is attributed to the improvement of people’s concept. In old days, people were able to make a living by manual labor, which didn’t require much knowledge. But in our age, a highly-industrialized society, it’s impossible for people to live on physical work anymore. The importance of knowledge has won higher position than before. People are willing to input more in education, they hope to have a bright future through receiving good education, that’s why people are well-educated than before.

The last reason is with most persuasion. Thanks to the development of technology, people have various methods to get education. Apart from going to schools and sitting in classrooms, people can study knowledge and get academic information they’re interested in through on-line classes, correspondence courses and wiki encyclopedia. Most of these new teaching methods don’t set requirements in students’ background or have geographic limitation. So people in different ages, in different places, even with physical disability and with low or high educational background can get education only when they are eager for it. While several decades ago, methods to receive education was quite limited, people had no choice but to go to school. Therefore, people are easier to complete self-education.

To summarize the opinions, going to school is an obligation for all people, receiving good education is a desire for all people and getting educated in advanced knowledge is simply a personal choice for all people, so it’s easier to be well-educated today.


In the modern society, education that directlyinfluences the quality of people's life becomes moreand more important to people no matter they are oldor young. What's your opinion of education today? A hot and important controversy centeringon the issue concerns whether people are easier to become educated today than in the past. Afair proportion of people oppose that, other people, nevertheless, advocate that. As far asI'm concerned, I side with the latter for the following reasons.

First, mentioning the learning resources, everyone could say that there are countless resourcesfor people nowadays to obtain knowledge without any doubt. These resources, includingeducation organizations and Internet, provide people with the opportunity to becomeeducated efficiently. For example, I was writing my homework one day and came across theconcept of inflation which I don't understand. Immediately, I opened my computer, connected to the Internet, input the word "inflation" into computer, and googled it. As a result, I got not only the interpretation of the concept, but also elaborated examples andinformation relating to "inflation". Internet makes me improve my learning efficiency becauseI don't have to look up books or bother my professors when meeting some puzzles. Anotherexample is that lots of education organizations such as New Oriental help us to be educatedwhenever we need in our life.

Second, facing the society full of competition, we need to catch up with other people and evento create advantages to surpass others. Many people are forced to acquire necessarycertificates, such as English certificate and computer certificate, resulting from the enteringrequirement of many jobs. Even after getting a job, people still have to accept many kinds oftraining offered by companies or by themselves. In a word, people are driven to be educatedbecause of stress from the society. For example, my classmates in the university are alllearning hard in order to improve their competitive power and to find satisfied jobs aftergraduating from university. One of my roommates wants to work in a research institution. After she learns how difficult to enter such an institution, she reads professional books in thelibrary every day and writes paper, just hoping to realize her dream. Under such a society full ofbig competition and stress, people find that they obtain knowledge unconsciously.

However, in some certain situations, there are still some advantages and conveniences forpeople living in the past to be educated. Learning in some special fields, such as nature, peoplecould observe and do experiments more easily in the neighborhood that isn't influenced somuch by human interruption. For instance, people are able to study birds or insects justwalking outside directly without having to drive a long distance. A better environment savesthem much time to be educated.


Slogan:"Economy matters a lot and education paysoff in the long run." With these words in mind, it iseasier as well as more rewarding for people to getan education now than in the past. Obviously, both the recent economic improvements and thefuture economic successes are factors that contribute to making more people better educatedfor higher employability and better wages.

To start with, education in modern society is meant to be beneficial to as many persons aspossible rather than to just a lucky few ones. In this sense, it may partly be the fruits of thedramatic economic changes in the past decades, and partly the reflection that the ability toread and write is more demanding these days. Therefore, in order to educate more people tomeet the forth-coming economic challenges, new schools and colleges are being establishedand old ones are being expanded. The logic is simple. The more economy develops, the moreinvestments there are in education, and the easier it is for people to become better educated. The significance of education in today's economy reveals the big picture that education at alllevels is largely available, even though sometimes higher education may not be entirelyaffordable.

That picture supports the correlation between educational attainment and employmentpotentials. Although an education has always been an advantage, it is more valuable nowthan before. The panorama is like a virtuous cycle brought about by the economicimprovements along with better living standards. The more people are educated, the better aretheir chances of getting hired, and the more likely they are to earn more, which in turn makesit easier for them to send their children to and through university education. Further, as the jobmarket has become more competitive with each passing decade, the number of people withbachelor's degrees or higher has increased. Likewise, it is evident that as the economic rewardscontinue to increase, so will the number of people seeking those rewards, of course.

In the context of the economic improvements and economic rewards, an education has notonly been valuable but also has become easily accessible. When it comes to combiningmoney and learning, more is better and better is more; so people now are easier to becomeeducated. Paradoxically, for that matter, just as the causes may lead to the effects, the effectsmay also lead to the causes.


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