2019年8月25日托福独立写作范文:although technology and science will still improve people's lives, the most significant improvements have taken place

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Agree or disagree: although technology and science will still improve people's lives, the most significant improvements have taken place.




The question that whether or not the developing technology has brought the maximum benefits to human-beings has triggered a myriad of discussion. Many people believe that the title statement is correct because some mature technological skills like smartphones have fulfilled every expectation of people. However, I disagree with the statement because it does not consider all related situations.

Admittedly, we should never deny the reasonableness of the claim. Certain technological areas have become the most beneficial to human even if they are still developing. For example, although smartphone companies like Apple and Huawei are still developing and introducing new versions of smartphones that have fancier features, the technology of smartphone has already brought human the maximum benefits. For us, smartphones have already fulfilled our basic demand for instant communication and are qualified for being the most convenient tools in our lives. Since these requirements are met, further updates in smartphones do not mean that much to us as the most important features we value do not change. For example, I would not replace my iPhone to the latest version unless the old one is broken and ready to retire. As long as I can still use the old one, the new versions of iPhone do not make that much of a difference. Thus, this area of technology has brought human the maximum benefits they can get.

However, there are certain situations when this claim does not apply. For some technological areas, their development brings continuous benefits to human. For example, health technology is recognized to be always innovative in order to correspond with the constant upgrading of new diseases. Besides, there are still many unknown and unsolvable diseases that require health technology to take them as soon as possible,like cancer and AIDS. These diseases troubled many people in this world and yet there’s no cure for them. The breakthroughs in health technology can greatly improve the well-being of people. The benefits are immeasurable. For example, my aunt suffered from breast cancer ten years ago and she took the surgery. Cancer came back about two years ago, so she had to suffer the chemotherapy for one more time. If there is an advanced procedure that can wipe out cancer completely, she would have suffered less pain than she had. Thus, technological areas like health technology bring benefits to human alongside their development.


Never does technology cease to advance. Then there appears to be a controversy whether technology is advanced enough and the most significant improvements have already occurred. From my perspective, I disagree with the statement for the following reasons and examples.

For one thing, the increasingly worsening environmental problems triggered by technological development still remain unresolved, putting all species on earth under danger. As is known, overly rapid development of technology, which is considered as the priority for almost all countries, has contributed to a series of environmental problems. For instance, the advancement of technology has improved citizens’ traveling efficiency and the way of daily traveling has shifted from the previous bicycle riding several decades ago to current car driving. To admit, the improvement of traveling efficiency furthers economic advances and also generates a bunch of other benefits, however, a large amount of tail gases released into the atmosphere, which I consider, would be the primary contributor to air pollution and global warming, the large extent of which threatens all human beings considering the dramatic worldwide change, such as the constantly rising temperature and even the recently burning rainforest in Amazon. Besides, while the government initiated a battery of emergent policies to restrict the driving of cars in recent years, the haze in Beijing and other northeastern part of China was ameliorated to a degree. Similar problems, including soil, water and noise pollution are still far away from perfect resolution. Apparently, there are still a lot for the technology to do to prevent environmental deterioration.

For another thing, citizens’ safety of individual possession and even lives is still not perfectly guaranteed. With the advanced technology, crimes of various kinds have popped up consecutively. Online frauds are happening to the old people of this generation and it can be heard often that many highly intelligent criminals take advantage of the elder’ lack of defensive awareness to steal their money. Even for the middle-aged citizens, they are easily hacked by those criminals if they accidentally respond to an anonymous short message. Besides, the invention of weapons is aimed at protecting citizens from violence and damage. Nonetheless, some terrorists and extremists are adopting those advanced weapons to attack innocent civilians and the cases of gunshot have been heard frequently in the States. Last month, a gun shooter shot nearly more than twenty customers to death in the supermarket. How desperate they would feel under that circumstance. Also, the Internet is created for bringing citizens convenience, which, however, has threatens teenagers and even adults' physical and mental health because of the explosion of assorted violent, bloody and even pornographic information without strict management and supervision from the government. Thus, technology still needs to be updated enough to provide citizens with a safe social and virtual environment.

In a word, the constantly exacerbated environmental quality and the less safe living environment are both evidence to prove why technology still needs to develop to a high degree to guarantee a safer world.