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1. What is the conversation mainly about?

A. A grant the student wants to apply for

B. The students proposed plan tor a class assignment

C. A project presented in a DVD the class watched

D. The student's part-time job at a hotel

2. What does the student ask the professor to allow her to do?

A. Take extra time on her Project

B. Write a grant rather than a paper

C. Work with a partner on an assignment

D. Use her job as the focus of her project

3. Why does the professor mention a science conference?

A. To suggest that the student attend it

B. To indicate that he is familiar with the hotel

C. To state where he got information about a new discovery

D. To state where he got the video that he showed in class

4. According to the conversation, why might the campus hotel managers be slow to adopt environmentally friendly policies?

A. They are concerned that their customers may not be happy with the changes.

B. They are not knowledgeable about the potential benefits.

C. No financial help is available for reducing the initial cost of making the changes.

D. They have tried to adopt such policies and found them of little use.

5. What concern does the professor express?

A. That the hotel manager might not allow the research to take place at the hotel

B That Jessica Smith might be too busy with her job to do the project

C. That the student's idea for the project is overly ambitious

D. That the student might not focus on fulfilling all the requirements of the project



1. B


学生在开篇提到一个 DVD,并且学生在后面提及了 Project。可能有同学会因此误选择C选项,C选项说的是DVD呈现的project。关于B选项原句说the dvd got me think about the project you 邸signed.................... Two of think we have a really good idea 所以目的是 propose —个 plan

2. C


学生说 Look I know we are not supposed to work with anyone else in this assignment. But two of us............. The student I want to woik with.教授本来应该是不应该让他们合作的 .但是他说她像和别人一起合作。所以可以判断是要求教授允许她们合作

3. B





教授说 negatively affect the comfort ofhotel guests



教授说 Iwill still need you to submit the paper in the fomiat we discussed in class,not whatever the fonnat the hotel maiager might want-表明他觉得按照宾馆经理的要求可能没法满足这个project本身的要求



6.What is the lecture mainly talk about?

A The influence of private art galleries on public museums

B. The role of art museums as teaching institutions for artist

C. The debate about the Louver’s opening to public

D. The early history of the public museum

7. Why does the professor mention that artists were allowed to visit the Louvre every day?

Click on 2 answers

A. To point out that the public museum was conceived as a place for studying

B. To indicate that all citizens were able to visit the museum whenever they wanted

C. To question why certain artists did not spend time at the Louvre

D. To contrast the accessibility of art in the Louvre with that of art in private museums

8. Why does the professor mention the French Revolution?

A. To name an event depicted in Alexandre Lenoir's artwork

B. To identify the theme of an exhibit room in the Louvre

C. To explain why art storehouses were created

D. To help explain some peopled attitude toward public museums

9. According to the professor, what major contribution did Alexandre Lenoir make to the art community?

A. He donated many original paintings to public museums.

B. He developed a systematic way of exhibiting art in museums.

C. He invented a unique way to restore damaged artwork.

D. He designed a national monument in post-Revolution France.

10. The professor gives an example of a painting made in an Italian seaside village. According to the professor, what would some skeptics say about that painting?

A. It should not be exhibited unless it appeals to people from a variety of cultures.

B. It should not be moved out of the geographic area in which it was created.

C. It should be exhibited in the Louvre before traveling to any other museum.

D. It should always be grouped with similar paintings in a museum.

11. What opinion about public art museums does the professor express?

A. They focus too much on entertainment and not enough on education.

B. They are more important to artists than to the general public.

C. Their way of exhibiting artwork needs to be modernized.

D. They succeed in allowing varied works of art to be appreciated in a centralized location.




本题很简单•一直都在讲public museum



教授说兀e public museum was fOst seen as a teaching insti血tion 所以对艺术家们是每天都开放的,A正确So you see the fust step was taken fiom museums that were just private institutionowied by royalty to the Louver, a museum opened to the public, with some restrictions.可以看出卢浮宫和其他的 private museum是不一样的.对大众是开放的。而这也正是教授要指出的,D正确



Consequently a couple of laige building in Pai、 is were dedicated as storehouses for rescued artworks上文也提到,很多艺术品因为大革命而被摧毁。所以可以判断教授是在解释为什么storehouse出现了



Whafs even more notable is that the L5s system of classification atid display became a model for other public art museums可以看出L开始使用的分类和陈列的方法被别的公共博物馆所釆纳。

10. C


artwoiks removed fiom theu- origuial context were incomplete. Artworks ought to remaui i^i places, the mountains towis m the locations Wliere they were origmally created所以可以判断出那些怀疑者们不想艺术品被移出地理区域.

11. D


We know and appreciate the fact that we can go to the museums and see many autworksfiom different tUne period, artists..............题干中的 centraized location实际上是这句话的概括.由此可见教授认为这是值得我们感谢的一件事。所以D选项正确




12. What is the main purpose of the ledure?

A. To compare the effects of different types of exercise on learning

B. To ana丨yze the re丨ationship between exercise and cardiovascu丨ar health

C. To discuss research suggesting that exercise promotes cognitive function

D. To elaborate on the importance of vigorous exercise in stress management

13. What did researchers decide to investigate as a result of the research on songbirds?

A. Whether new neurons could develop in the adult human brain

B. Which cognitive processes played the biggest role in researching songbirds' ability to 丨earn new songs

C. Which brain chemicals were involved in neurogenesis in songbirds

D. What role exposure to music plays in human brain development

14. What is the professor's opinion about the research findings on rats that were administered BDNF?

A. The findings should be used with caution when making claims about the role of BDNF in human fetal development

B. The findings suggest that BDNF may play a role in the development of neurons in humans

C. The findings indicate that BDNF probably hindered rats ability to generate new neurons

D. The findings show that BDNF probably did not help rats remember how to perform certain tasks

15. What does the professor imply may be important to prevent new neurons from dying in adult humans?

A. Vigorous exercise regimens

B. Mentally stimulating 丨earning environments

C. Avoidance of radical weight gain or loss

D. A healthy cardiovascular system

16. What point does the professor make when she discusses stress hormones?

A. Different individuals need different amounts of stress hormones for optimal brain function.

B. Learning is more likely to occur in individuals who are completely relaxed.

C. Elevated stress hormones may indicate a need for more frequent exercise.

D. Moderate exercise regimens may be more beneficial than extreme exercise regimens.

17. Listen again to part of the conversation/lecture. then answer the question. Why does the professor say this

A. To signal that she will provide examples of studies that conflict with popular notions about exercise

B. To prompt the students to think about other benefits of exercise

C. To imply that it is unnecessary to give additional examples to support her statement about exercise

D. To make the point that the health benefits of exercise are somewhat exaggerated


12. C


Exercise also has a positive effect on our high level intellectual abilities.可以知道本篇是和智力能力相关的•也就是我们的认知功能cognitivefonction

13. A


Tliis finduigs on songbirds opened up the questions of Whether the same processes that occurred in birds also occurred in humauis.因为这个研究成果开启了一个新的问题.就是好奇同样的过程是否也发生在人脑当中。

14. B


But the sheer numbers of studies that uidicated the connections of animals say a lot in my view.这证明教授认为从老鼠到动物也可以说明人所以应该改选择B选项。



Tiey willjust die out if they are not used for anything•所以他 imply 的是需要刺激。而之前女生的冋题当中也进行了陈述mentally stimulated

16. D


教授说more is less。因为exercise越多, stress honnones越多•这种荷尔蒙还会减少BDNF的量,所以,老师事项告诉男生不是越多越好。

17. C






18. Why did the adviser ask the student to meet with him?

A. To express concern about her academic performance

B. To discuss her course choices for the following semester

C. To find out why she dropped a course

D. To ask if she had changed her major course of study

19. What did the adviser do to get more information before meeting with the student?

A. He requested a record of the student's grades in all her art classes.

B. He consulted a description of the course about Islamic art.

C. He obtained a list of courses in which the student is enrolled.

D. He checked the requirements for art history students.

20. What do the speakers imply about the Islamic art course?

A. It is an introductory course.

B. It can be taken only in combination with an Islamic history course

C. Students need a recommendation from their academic adviser to take it.

D. Most students are required to take an introductory art history course before taking it.

21. What does the adviser imply about the meetings he has with students at beginning of the semester?

A. They should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

B. They can help students avoid problems with their class schedules.

C. Faculty members must be invited to the meetings.

D. They are necessary only when a student has a problem

22. What does the adviser suggest that the student do?

Click on 2 answers

A. Make up the work she has missed

B. Contact the registrar's office

C. Apologize to an art history professor

D. D rop the Islamic art course


18. A


Advisoi•找到这个学生是因为一个教授不想因为她没交作业给她挂 midterm.文中一开始就有所涉及



I pulled up your file your schedule shows that..............可以知道是课程淸单



Prof waved the prerequisites ii my case because he felt that I had enough background in ait history to handle his course.所以说•这门课本来是需要有其他要求的•只是教授为她改了特例。



It is strongly recommended that shidents meet with their advisors aiid now you can see wliy就是因为女生没有确认好课程才导致禁停的这个局面 . 所以选择B选项



Don't foiget to file a fonnal withdiaw fiom uitroduction of ait histoiy with the register's office by Friday. You migit waima apologize to professor miller as well




23. What is the main purpose of the lecture?

A. To compare current theories about an astronomical phenomenon

B. To describe the growth of knowledge about an astronomical phenomenon

C. To illustrate how astronomical theories based on incorrect assumptions can丨ead to important discoveries

D. To demonstrate that astronomers are able to predict events on the Sun based on conditions on Earth

24. According to the professor, what theories were proposed in the 1700s to account for the occurrence of auroras?

Click on 2 answers

A. Auroras are caused by light refracting off ice and snow.

B. Auroras are caused by CMEs.

C. Auroras occur when gases from sunspots hit glaciers.

D. Auroras occur when an electric current between Earths poles is disrupted.

25. Why does the professor mention the duration of solar eclipses?

A. To demonstrate the importance of the coronagraph as a research tool

B. To describe the effects of solar eclipses on auroras

C. To support a conclusion about the connection between sunspot cycles and other solar events

D. To explain why auroras are infrequent

26. How do sunspots contribute to auroras?

A. Sunspots increase the intensity of Earth's magnetic field at the poles

B. Sunspots emit charged particles that collide with atoms in Earth's upper atmosphere.

C. Sunspots bombard Earth with oxygen and nitrogen atoms

D. Sunspots cause temperature changes at Earth's poles

27. What point does the professor make when he talks about disruptions to technology?

A. Disruptions are more prevalent in the northern hemisphere than in the southern hemisphere.

B. Observing aurora activity has proven to be a better way to predict CMEs than using technological devices.

C. CMEs and other magnetic activity on the Sun can have a far-reaching effect.

D. Most information about aurora intensity has been obtained through observation with the naked eye.

28. Listen again Why does the professor Say this:

A. He hopes that one of the students will explain the answer to the others.

B. He believes that the answer should be obvious to the students.

C. He thinks the point is not relevant to today's lecture.

D. He does not remember if he covered the point in another lecture.


23. B


It took centuries to figure out what’s behiid these beautifol colors ii the nigit skies仅凭这句不足以判断但是可以从一定程度上知道内容。

24. AD


in the 1700s后面的内容和本体相关

Scientists propose that there was an electiic cmnnt that stretched between the north and south poles. When this elechic cuf ent was disturbed an aurora would fonn.是两极间的电流被干扰形成的。D正确

Other's that the phenomenon caused by light that refracted off glaciers and snow in the arctic.



With the coronagiaph you can obsei've the corona continuously anytime you want. 前面讲了 eclipse和corona这里指出coronagraph很关键



the charged paiticles interact with earth’s magnetic field, and they aie poured towaid the south and north poles. Some of them make it to our upper atmosphere where they collide with atoms with oxygen and nitrogen atoms. This collision causes the atoms to light up to glow. Different types of colors glow ui different colors.And this is what is happening when we see an aurora 完整对应了 B 的过程。



Tirough out the histoiy we have noticed the relationships between aurora and technical problems dismptions ................在这一部分中ABD选项均为完全提及.也没法推断得出。

28. B


选 择 B选项比较明显 .老师的语气是反问。不需要告诉学生那自然就是答案对学生来说很明显



29. What do the speakers mainly discuss?

A. Evidence that clarifies the ancient uses of the Stonehenge monument

B. Other Bronze Age monuments that have similarities to Stonehenge

C. Why the builders of Stonehenge did not use local stones in its construction

D. The possible origins of some of the stones that make up the Stonehenge monument

30. Why does the professor mention small pieces of bluestone found at Stonehenge?

A. To provide evidence that bluestone was believed to have healing properties

B. To stress that bluestone is not as durable as local stone

C. To help explain how builders selected the particular stones used for Stonehenge

D. To express frustration with the way some researchers gather evidence at Stonehenge

31. What is the significance of the axheads that the professor discusses?

A. They prove that bluestones were transported across Europe

B. They provide evidence that bluestones were not sacred to Bronze Age cultures.

C. They may explain how the builders reduced the size of some of the stones that weretransported.

D. They helped researchers determine the place in the Preseli Hills where the Stonehenge bluestones originated.

32. What evidence suggests that glaciers may have carried stones to the Stonehenge site?

A. The stones used to build Stonehenge all came from the same place in Wales.

B. Some stones have markings that could have been caused by glacial activity.

C. Some bluestones were present on the Salisbury Plain before Stonehenge was built.

D. Bluestones were found in several places on a proposed travel route between Wales and the Salisbury Plain.

33. What does the professor imply about the recent analysis of the bluestones at Stonehenge?

A. It does not conclusively identify the bluestones1 place of origin.

B. It does not provide strong evidence for either the human-transport or the glacier-transport theor.

C. The methods used to test the bluestones were questionable.

D. The analysis does not explain how glaciers could move such large stones

34. According to the professor, what might have contributed to the popularity of the human-transport hypothesis?

A. New physical evidence of transport devices used in the Bronze Age has been found.

B. The hypothesis has become familiar over time.

C. Until recently, no other hypotheses had been suggested

D. The scientists who support the hypothesis are well respected.


29. D






31. B


Multiple ax heads that aie made of blue stones, wliich could meai that Bronze age culture didi’t actually value the blue stones that highly.证明蓝石头并不神圣

32. C


there are however blue stones on the Salisbmy plain that predate Stonehenge.They were there before the builders even begui constructions which makes the glacier seem more likely最后一个定语从句直接表明前面的内容是答案。

33. B



34. B



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