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Whether one is in a job looking to advance on the career ladder or unemployed looking for work, the only way to succeed is to market himself or herself. Any good marketer will confidently remark that the key to success is to have good campaign and to never give up. And to make it in the job market today one has to be aware of that and to do just that. Please consider the following points to get on the right track:

Curriculum Vitae or Resume, Business Cards, and Rerfences or Letters of Recommendation from previous employers must all be in impeccable condition before one takes any concrete action to engage oneself into another working environment. Employer’ first point of contact with the applicant will be what they see on paper, so it must look proficient to create a good impression.

Happiness is the ultimate principle whoever one is, a prince or a pauper. And undeniably smile and friendly approach will make one look upbeat and interesting, which will greatly enhance one’s chances of winning the interviewer's favour and consequently market oneself successfully.

Consider a variety of questions that one may be asked at interview then consider answers to the questions. Get a friend to pretend as the interviewer and then rehearse how to tackle them. This will let one brush up on interviewing skills, and make one appear more confident on the day.

Even if the job applied for does not require professional attire, one should still wear a business suit, unless told otherwise. If in doubt, the safest option is to dress conservatively. Having the right look will not only help one present the right image; it will increase one’s self-confidence, enabling one to concentrate all their energies into what they have to say, rather than worrying about how people respond to their looks. But what not to wear: One’s role in the interview process is to convince the employer that he or she is the right person for the job. Thus, any clothes, which will distract the employer’s attention from delivering that message, should be avoided.To this end avoid excessive jewellery and loud colours or bright patterns of clothing. This type of attire has the potential to engender a negative reaction from the employer.

Always appear interested in the profession one is trying to get into. Show knowledge of the market and investigate the latest developments within the sector. Be positive. Keep all negative thoughts away from the interview and do not say anything derogatory about one’s previous employer.

If one wants to land a specific role within a company, find out exactly what experience,qualifications, and requirements are needed to secure the position. Then target sufficient energies into obtaining these things.

Sometimes, the company one is applying for includes some form of psychometric testing as a routine part of their selection procedure. Do not worrγ and make oneself excessively nervous. The most widely used tests fall into two main categories: personality and ability/aptitude.

An individual’s personality plays an important part in how they perform in their job. Potential employers can gain an insight into a person’s overall character, especially when these tests are used alongside other tests and methods of assessment. Candidates are usually presented with a series of multiple-choice questions to which there are no right or wrong answers-the employer obtains the infom1ation required by analysing the candidates’ answers.

Future performance is accurately indicated by aptitude and ability, hence tests which measure both ability and aptitude have become an important way for employers to make and confirm their recruitment selections. These tests can take many forms and can be administered in both printed and electronic formats.

Commonly, candidates are presented with a number of different tests ( with a break between each of them), namely, numerical tests, which will test a candidate’s skills with numerical information which may be presented in tabular, textual or graphical format; abstract tests, which may involve studying groups of patterns to find similarities and differences, and verbal tests, which may test a candidate’s comprehension of reports which may not be dependable in their objectivity or honesty, for instance.

Make sure that one prepares himself or herself for taking the tests-have plenty of sleep; arrive in good time; remember to bring things like glasses/hearing-aids if one normally wears them and reads any literature one was given by testers. Ensure that one performs to the best of his or her ability in the tests-listen carefully and follow instructions but do not be afraid to ask questions if things are still unclear and try to work quickly and accurately as most tests are timed.

Consider one's best attributes and bring these to the fore in one’s marketing campaign. Never lie to employer about qualifcations of which one is not in possession,because one will definitely get found out, and this will only ruin one ’s chances of further employment. Be honest with the employer and make them aware of the achievements and accomplishments previously made in ones career.


Question 1-7

Choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B, D, E, H, I, K, M from the list of headings below.

write appropriate numbers (i-x) boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use them all.

List of Headings

I Honesty: the highest principle

II Professional paper preparation

III Appropriate attire

IV Benefit of rehearsal

V Test of personality

VI Do not badmouth your last boss Test specifics during a job interview

Vii Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation

IX Psychometric testing:an essential part in some interviews

X Be a joy angel

1 Paragraph B

2 Paragraph D

3 Paragraph E

4 Paragraph H

5 Paragraph I

6 Paragraph K

7 Paragraph M



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