【新题】雅思口语part2范文:Describe a successful small company that you know

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2020年1-4月雅思口语话题变题季新题之Describe a successful small company that you know。接下来天道智思一一为你揭晓雅思口语新题。

Describe a successful small company that you know。成功的小企业


You should say:

What it is

How you know about it

How it become successful

And explain how you felt about it

雅思口语范文——Describe a successful small company that you know(第一版范文如下)

The small company I would like to talk about is a business that my friend Gareth started. It’s a consulting company that helps to manage the marketing information and data for other large companies. The company also builds websites and helps to create marketing materials for companies. It’s a small company but fairly successful because it has a stable number of regular clients as well as all sorts of little side projects. There’s about 10 people in the office and the company culture is warm, friendly and energetic. I first heard about it because Gareth is my friend and he talked a lot about it as he was establishing the company, hiring employees and renovating the new office. Actually, I helped him out quite a bit at first and enjoyed watching Gareth’s idea and hard work because a successful and interesting business. I feel great to have been involved in it, and although I am now living in another city, I often talk to Gareth and he tells me about how the company is going, and shares his latest ideas with me.


A successful small company that I know is called Heytea, which is founded by Nie Yunchen, who was a young gentleman born after 1990 in China.

Heytea has now been one of the most well-received milk tea brands in China. It has an array of products made of milk and tea. The biggest news I’ve heard about this Heytea is that a customer has waited for almost 7 hours in line to get one cup of their milk tea, which was really a heated discussion on the Internet.

I didn’t know this brand till a friend of mine told me this crazily long customer lining. Then, I went to one of their stores to have a taste. This article is from Laokaoya website. The flavor didn’t give me a huge surprise, actually. But, I was indeed satisfied with their customer service at that time. The cashier was nice and gave me some recommendations on what to choose from their products.

Well, I think one of the reasons why it becomes successful is that the owner, Nie, had total devotion to de Heytea’s product development that tries to satisfy customers’ appetites. Most importantly, I think Heytea has an excellent marketing team that has promoted this brand to a higher level and made it well-known by more people than their competitors.

I am very surprised by their instant fame, and I hope they could continue providing good products to their customers.


Which would you prefer to work for, a family-run firm or bigger national company?

I’d prefer to work for a smaller family-run company. Although, in some ways they are not as prestigious, I actually think that smaller companies can offer more interesting and exciting experiences. You end doing a wider range of tasks and feeling a bit closer to the owners and managers of the company. There is a level of flexibility and warmth that you don’t really get in huge companies.

What are important factors in making a company successful?

There are a number of key factors that contribute to making a company successful. Firstly I think the owners, the founders or main managers need to have a sense of vision, a strong self-confidence and an ambitious personality. I also think that a company needs the right kind of employees. The managers need to have a good sense of who and who not to recruit. They also need to treat the employees well, give them fair salaries and other benefits and holidays that will ensure they will be loyal to the company and work as hard as possible.

What kinds of qualities should a successful businessman have?

A successful business person should, to be honest, be quite assertive, quite dominant in some ways, and know how to talk to a variety of people in the right ways. There are moments to be very dogmatic and firm, there are moments to be soft and diplomatic – a good business person should be able to gauge the different situations and adopt the correct attitude to suit what is best for the company. Being decisive is another quality that is important in a business person who wants to succeed and do well. Sometimes you have to make decisions, the best decisions possible, in a very short time – so being able to think fast, evaluate things quickly and be decisive, is very important.

What emerging industries do you know about at the moment?

The biggest industry that I know about right now is probably the technology field, especially AI, … artificial intelligence. A lot of money is being invested in optimizing AI technology and using it in all number of different ways. Some people say that within just a decade computers will be doing most of the jobs which humans are doing today. I’m not sure if this will really happen, but it’s certainly an interesting thing to consider. Secondly, a fairly new industry is the development of renewable energy resources. Although people have been researching this for decades, it is only recently that there has been more of a drive to create alternative forms of energy and there have been some significant breakthroughs in solar power and electric and hybrid vehicles.


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