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GRE填空的even到底需不需要转折坦白讲,这个问题的技术含量其实本身不高,就类似since 到底是因为还是自从。相对还是比较容易判断的。

这里只是就句子结构的特点说下,当你没读出来到底even 是“转折”还是“甚至”的时候,可以怎么用一些表达的习惯去判断

以下的even 都是转折,可以翻译为“哪怕”

Many historians of the ancient world are wary of sounding (i)_____. Write so much as a sentence and the temptation is immediately to (ii)_____ it. Even in cases when the sources for a given event are (iii)_____, uncertainties and discrepancies crop up everywhere.

Even the cleverest use of time management techniques is powerless to _____ the sum of minutes in a person’s life (over 52 million, optimistically assuming a life expectancy of 100 years ), so people squeeze as much as they could into each one of them.

Even overt deficiencies in the author’s work have not ______ its respectful reception by most modern critics.

Even before she went to art school, Veronica found the standard design categories ______: she didn’t understand why designing buildings and designing tables should require different

Debate rages on between proponents of corporal punishment and the death penalty and their detractors, though even the most rabid supporter agrees that punishments must be _____ and the justice system evenhanded and thorough.

Given our species increasing numbers and appetites — which are reflected in and compounded by global climate change — even (i)______ species are likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future. If we are to avoid a calamitous loss of biodiversity, according to Golbe, we cannot simply let nature take its course. Ongoing conservation management is (ii)______ , as we have, in a sense, become nature, and the responsibilities that come with the role cannot be (iii)______.

It is plausible to regard a collection of letters spanning youth and old age as (i)_____ of autobiography: the precession of characters who inhabit a life and a chronology of incidents turn up reliably in either form. Yet autobiography, even when ostensibly steeped in candor, tends toward (ii)_____ through later perspectives, afterwords, and second thoughts, whereas letters have an undeniable (iii)_____, offering select glimpses of the fought and living moment.


这个其实是负责英文里面对于让步内容是使用特点的,不仅仅是even, 其他表示让步的词汇,比如 although,though,在严格的书写英文里面都有这样的特点【注意是严格的书写,所以会看到例外,当我们这里谈的是高概率】

往往是 although + 从句, 主句。

这个有别于but连接句子的特点。but 往往是

句子,but, 句子。


although 后面的内容是让步的,不重要,所以放到前面,是主句是重要的,所以放到后面。

同样,but 后面的内容就是重要的,所以but 放到重要的句子的前面

小结:所以大家可以用这个结构特点去判断even 是不是表示“哪怕”的意思。当然稳妥点的话,可以再带入意思看下。

以下的even 都是“甚至”

In the northeastern United States, beaver populations had been critically reduced oreven _____ in large areas at the end of nineteenth century; as a result, several states instituted prohibitions on beaver trapping.

Many creative photographers were delighted to find in instant photography a mode that encouraged them to stop viewing photography as ______ and start viewing it as something they could handle with spontaneity, even derision. 

Consolidating memory is not instantaneous or even _____: every memory must be encoded and moved from short-term to long-term storage, and some of these memories are, for whatever reason, more vividly imprinted than others.

There are no ______ criteria of excellence in art: works that once were ignored or evenreviled now fetch millions of dollars at auction, while those that were most highly praised in their day now languish in storage.

Her attempts to wrest fiction free from traditional constraints like plot and character were never entirely popular with readers; nonetheless, her fiction has had ______ influence on critical theory, novel, cinema, and even psychology.